Nearly 60% Of Gen Y Professionals Think They’re Entrepreneurs

A new report commissioned by online job marketplace oDesk has found that the majority of Generation Y workers identify themselves as entrepreneurs and those in nine-to-five jobs plan to quit in the next two years. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg and The Social Network have a lot to answer for…

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oDesk’s Millennials and the Future of Work report surveyed 3,193 professionals worldwide with a focus on workers in the 19–30 age bracket (AKA Generation Y). The researchers discovered a growing trend of younger workers pursuing their own business ideas rather than pulling a nine-to-five for a boss.

    Key results found in the report include:
  • 72% of those still at “regular” jobs want to quit to be entirely independent; 61% say they will likely quit within two years
  • Freedom is the top reason those at “regular” jobs would like to quit; and 89% say they prefer to work when and where they choose
  • 90% of independent workers indicated that being an entrepreneur reflects having a certain mindset (rather than being strictly defined as having started a company)
  • Of the freelancing Millennials surveyed, 58% of those familiar with the term “entrepreneur” classify themselves as one

“Millennials are pushing back against traditional work barriers at hierarchical organisations that require slow, staggered career progression,” the report explains. “Thanks to entrepreneurial success stories such as Zuckerberg, they now know that it’s possible to spot enormous opportunities and create their own very unique paths.”

The infographic below gives an overview of the report’s chief findings:

You can check out the full details of the report here.

What do you think about this study? Are we entering a new business era of nature-born entrepreneurs? Or are Gen Y workers just lazy, entitled and full of themselves? Give your two cents in the comments section below.

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