Monitor Folders And Batch-Rename Files With The One Windows App

Many tools exist to automate the task of renaming a bunch of files or monitoring folders for changes, but there’s no need to have several apps to cover these activities, when a single program will do. Check5 for Windows is one such utility, offering a variety of operations to tinker with your files and folders.

Check5 makes a noble attempt to be a Swiss Army knife of file system management, offering folder monitoring, mass file-renaming, attribute modification and date changing. Before you can make use of most of the features, you’ll need to add files to the “grid” view on the right-hand side of the program window.

A handy feature is generation of 32-bit file checksums, a nice-to-have when you want to double-check the integrity of a file.

While the program has a clean user interface, it isn’t the most optimised — a folder / file add operation containing many files refreshes the entire table control, slowing down procedure greatly as the application constantly waits for the GUI operation to complete. It’s a minor niggle, but one easily solved with the proper approach.

That said, as long as you’re not tossing folders with thousands of files into the program, it should be able to handle a majority of file operations.

Check5 [Shoutware, via Addictive Tips]

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