Missing The All Tabs Feature Cut From The Latest Firefox? Here's How To Get It Back

Ever since Google redefined the browser update cycle with Chrome, we've now adjusted to a continuous stream of Firefox and (to a lesser extent) Internet Explorer refinements. Sometimes, though, these refinements feel more like steps backward, as is the case with the removal of the All Tabs functionality from Firefox 21. Fortunately, it's easy to get back.

As expected, an add-on has arrived to save the day: "All Tabs Restorer", created by user "Chris" and based on Dao Gottwald's "Ctrl-Tab". Once installed, you can preview your tabs by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Tab, or clicking on the the four-grid menu icon.

Given how easy it is to wind up with 10, 20 or more tabs open, all modern browsers should really have an in-built way to quickly preview them, which makes Mozilla's decision a curious one. Perhaps it's trying to discourage having loads of tabs open?

Whatever the reason, at least the Firefox-wielding multi-taskers out there won't go without.

All Tabs Restorer [Add-ons for Firefox, via gHacks]


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