Lifehacker Is Hiring! PHP Developer Wanted

Lifehacker Is Hiring! PHP Developer Wanted

Take pride in writing clean code? We’re looking for an autonomous PHP developer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

This is a full time onsite position. The working environment is focused, the culture is friendly, and you’ll be surrounded by people who are awesome at what they do.

[block] [left] Once part of the team you’ll be given a general direction, then set loose to optimise and enhance as you see fit.

Tasks will be greatly varied and range right from general tech support all the way up to building rad new stuff that sets our product apart and above the rest. [/left] [right] The ideal candidate must have • Strong PHP know-how (framework agnostic) • An understanding of MVC patterns • Know how to interact with and structure MySQL databases • A logical, driven mindset and keen eye for detail

Bonus points for the following • Write clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript • Know your way around frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery • Not terrified of linux console • Know the difference between git pull and git fetch [/right] [/block]

If you’ve got mad skills and this sounds like a place you’d like to work, apply now. Mathematical!


  • I would be perfectly suited to this position. If only you were based in Brisbane instead of Sydney 🙁

  • Just out of curiosity, is this the same role as was advertised on Kotaku or a separate one?

    • It is the same role as currently posted on Kotaku and Gizmodo – we’re all one big happy family!

  • You would think with the world the way it is, and getting the NBN (5 months until its in my home and 50-100mb down) that Tech companies would be looking more afield getting into a more diverse community, and then that someone could work from home. I live in a small town S/E of Perth, have Computer and Programming Skills, but do you think i can find one that would let me work from home, (considering everything done, is done on a computer or the internet) 🙁
    When will we get to that stage where FaceTime can be on all the time, or Skype for those not Mac orientated, so you can converse with your boss or team. Hell most big tech offices use IRC to talk to someone anyways…. .. .. .. . .
    I suppose ill just keep looking and continue to make “That next Big Thing for the iTunes Store”


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