Install Google Fonts On Windows Or Mac For Faster Web Browsing

Windows/Mac: Google is now offering a convenient way to download Google Fonts — its 1000+ collection of free, open-source fonts — to your desktop. Not only will your downloaded fonts sync to Google, they will also help load websites faster if they use those fonts.

Although there are other ways to download Google Fonts to your computer, if you use the free tool SkyFonts as Google recommends, your fonts will be synced with Google's directory. So you'll always have the latest versions of the fonts (for example, if new characters are added).

Even if you don't plan on using the fonts for your own projects, installing the fonts locally, Google says, will make browsing websites that use those fonts faster, since your browser won't have to fetch the font data.

Download SkyFonts and Google Fonts via the link below. Once you've installed SkyFonts, browse the fonts collection on the website and select the ones you want to install. (Too bad there's no "select all" option.)

Sync Google Fonts to your Desktop with SkyFonts [ via Google Developers Blog and TechCrunch]


    "If they use those fonts" - where 99% of the web does not, because they are new to HTML5 - which was only advisable to use/a finalized specification ~December last year. Preloading all these fonts on your system will keep them in memory at all times, and will load them at boot..

    While obviously not a *huge* issue - it IS somewhat pointless, given that literally NOTHING on your system at this point except some very new and select websites will use these fonts at all as they simply did not exist previously, and until this point did not exist as system fonts at all.

    I guess one day it could make that one page load faster by the 1-2 seconds it takes to cache a font.. I guess..

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