Hack A Raspberry Pi Into A Monitor For A Cheap Smart TV

Hooking up a Raspberry Pi to a TV is by no means difficult. If you want to take it a step further, however, Raspberry Pi forum user mmathieu shows us how to stuff the Pi inside the monitor itself.

The Raspberry Pi is mounted on the inside of the monitor, and then the HDMI and DVI ports are soldered on. From there, the Pi is also powered by the monitor itself. Finally, mmathieu also cut a small slot so the SD card can be swapped out. It's not an easy project, but the end result is a incredibly cheap Raspberry Pi smart TV. It would probably be perfect with XBMC installed. Head over to the Raspberry Pi forums to see how he did it.

rPI LCD Integration [Raspberry Pi Forums via Hack a Day]


    I like it, but I'd be way too paranoid about busting my TV! The RPi is easy and cheap enough to replace of course, but with all work and no TV Jess will something something...

      You can always get a case for it and mount it on the back of your TV via the vesa mount if you're not using it!

        Yep that's what I did. Strip of matte black painted MDF bolted into the vesa mount holes, and a ModMyPi case screwed into the MDF. The Pi is completely out of sight and runs happily off the TV remote thanks to RaspBMC's HDMI-CEC compatibility.

        Yeah, that's how it is right now - and works beautifully (just like Sam's)

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