Google Play Shows You Why An App Is Incompatible With Your Device

Google Play Shows You Why An App Is Incompatible With Your Device

At some point, you’re going to encounter an app that won’t run on your Android device. If you want to find out why, Google Play actually tells you — you just have to know where to look.

The web-based Play Store is already a great tool to install apps remotely. However, if it says an app is incompatible, you can actually click the tiny plus sign next to that message to see why. For example, it might be that your carrier blocks the app, that your phone lack the required version of Android, or something similar. You can also see OS requirements, maturity ratings and more information along the right-hand side.

It isn’t a new feature, but if you didn’t know it was there, it can be extremely helpful.

Find out why apps are incompatible with your Android device [Ghacks]


  • I thought this was going to be very useful, but I checked one app I’d been wondering about, and this was the result I got:
    Asus Nexus 7
    This item is not compatible with your device.

    • Yeah I thought the same, then saw the screenshot showing that no other devices were available on his carrier and that’s why it wasn’t compatible with it haha.

      Also not sure how you say it tells you why, like that your carrier might block the app, as though thats an acceptable reason. “Oh it’s ok, because at least now I know that i’m being F#$%ED”

  • I think it’s been showing for about a year, but I never saw this much detail, unless I was looking in the wrong spot.

    Basically app incompatibilities translate to:

    “This item is not compatible with your device” = “I’m not programming my apps correctly, so they don’t work on tablets”. Also acceptable is: “The Nexus is super easy to unlock and root, so we’re not supporting it due to stupid security concerns” (see PayPal Here on the Galaxy Nexus)

    “This application is blocked by your carrier” = “PAY US $100 FOR TETHERING AND GPS, PHONEBEAST”

    “This item is not available in your country” = “Our app works beautifully in your country, but red tape BS forbids us from letting you this super awesome app that everyone else is using and loves”

    Some of these restrictions may also equate to “If I deny people my delicious app, they’ll want it more and when I open the floodgates, I’ll be mega rich”

  • Yea agreed, mine DID work on a Samsung S3 but my phone stuffed up so git another S3 and dudnt work in THAT one….wtf….why?

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