Fold Shirts Military Style For Efficient Packing

Most people know that rolling T-shirts is the most efficient way to pack them into a suitcase, but not all shirt rolls are created equal. For a truly tight suitcase, you should master the military-style roll.

Jolie Lopez shares this trick on Snapguide. It'll be easier to follow along with her slideshow, but basically you need to start by folding the bottom of the shirt up to get two flaps on the outside of the finished roll. You can pull one of these flaps back over the rest of the shirt to make an incredibly tight t-shirt burrito. This tip is pretty specific to T-shirts, but it's definitely worth learning next time you go on holiday.

How to Fold a Shirt Military Style. Save Space and Room. [Snapguide]


    Great to see the military fold works on grey coloured shirts. I thought it would only work on navy ones.

    I've tried this before, but it's taking quite a lot of time to be honest. Might consider it next time when traveling.

    Last edited 28/05/13 11:17 pm

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