Filter Out Cereal Dust With A Colander

When you're pouring your morning bowl of cereal, you might not want the dust that collects at the bottom of the box to mix in with your milk. If you only want full pieces in your bowl, simply use a colander.

This tip is pretty obvious in hindsight, but it's something you might not think of when you're groggy early in the morning. Just empty out your cereal box into the colander, and let the dust fall into the sink. Personally, I enjoy "drinking" the cereal dust once a box is empty (I really hope I'm not the only one), so I might filter it into a bowl to enjoy separately, and save the full pieces for a proper bowl of milk.

LPT: use a colander to prepare the last bowl of cereal from a box/bag. [Reddit]


    I tried using a colander, but all the milk just fell out the bottom


    What??? the dust it the best part of the cereal, especially for something like coco pops.

    I'm with Luke. Why on earth would you want to throw out the best part?

      I think the picture might be wrong... You use the colander to filter out the boring solid bits, and make your brekkie with just the dust.

      Mmmm, brekkie dust...

    Surely you are not this spoilt?

    If there's no dust at the bottom, what will my kids have to fight over?

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