Facebook's Trusted Contacts Sends Password Reset Codes To Your Friends

Today, Facebook introduced a new feature called Trusted Contacts that allows you to choose three to five people to help you regain access to your account if you ever lose your password. After you choose your friends, if you ever have trouble getting into your account, you'll have the option to recruit their help.

Each person will receive a separate security code. Once you get at least three of these codes from your friends, you can enter them in to the site to regain access. The feature is similar to Trusted Friends, launched in 2011.

Introducing Trusted Contacts [Facebook]


    What an awesome idea and nice piece of innovation. Though if you cant get into your fb or you're own email, bigger problems probably exist lol..

    The post says this is similar to the trusted friends feature, but it sounds almost exactly the. What is the difference between a trusted contact and a trusted friend?


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