Enthuse Creates Simple, Professional Landing Pages

We love a good professional landing page. They’re more fun than a resume, but some take a lot of time to throw together and don’t offer much flexibility. Enthuse offers a quick way to put together a page in just a few minutes with content you already have.

Enthuse works on a module system, so you can add content however you like. When setting up your page you’ll have access to internal modules that add text, links and other content of your choice to your page. If you want to bring in other content, such as videos, your job history from LinkedIn or your Twitter profile, Enthuse offers external modules to quickly connect to your accounts and important only the relevant data. Everything is organised for you, and you’ll have a page within minutes that you can use to promote yourself when seeking employment.

If you’d like to see an example, here’s a page I made in about two minutes.

Enthuse Me