Dispense Plastic Bags With A 2-Litre Bottle

Dispense Plastic Bags With A 2-Litre Bottle

Plastic shopping bags have plenty of uses that can keep them from landfill, but balling them up and tossing them in your pantry can get messy. Instead, mount a 2-litre soft drink bottle to the wall and use it as a makeshift bag dispenser.

Just cut off the bottom of the bottle, attach it somewhere inconspicuous such as the inside of a pantry door, and stuff your bags inside. When you need one, tug on a bag through the neck of the bottle, and it should come out easily. We’ve previously suggested doing this with an empty wet wipes container, but a big bottle like this will hold a lot more bags, and won’t pinch your fingers when you reach in to grab one.

LPT – Cut the top off of a milk gallon jug and place plastic grocery bags for easy and compact use. [Reddit]


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