Dell SecureWorks: Australians Eager For Penetration Testing

Dell SecureWorks: Australians Eager For Penetration Testing

Dell is expanding its SecureWorks security consulting and services arm into Australia. One of the most in-demand services from prospective local customers? Penetration testing.

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SecureWorks (which has been running since 1998 and was acquired by computer giant Dell in 2011) is setting up a local presence, which will include local security consultants working in conjunction with other regional SecureWorks sites. SecureWorks global head Drew Harris told Lifehacker that the business is looking to fast-track the establishment of a full Australian ops centre. “We’re investigating locations and capabilities to open up an operating centre,” he said.

A key area of demand has been forensic investigations and penetration testing services. “We’re getting asked a lot of questions around ‘how can I know if I’m secure or if I’m being penetrated? Can you monitor my environment — am I being attacked?’


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