Could Living On An Icebreaker Be The Solution To All Your Problems?

Could Living On An Icebreaker Be The Solution To All Your Problems?

Ice-breaking ships use their re-enforced hulls to plough through the Arctic and often carry scientific expeditions to see what mysteries can be uncovered in the freezing wastes. In the above time-lapse video, Cassandra Brooks narrates an expedition on the Nathaniel B. Palmer: a giant Icebreaker chartered by the US National Science Foundation.

The serene, unspoiled vistas have an almost hypnotic quality that hold a contemplative power: like Terrence Malick by way of YouTube. If you’re feeling a bit down, we recommend watching the above video — it’s the next best thing to packing your rucksack, donning your beanie and being there. (Make sure to stick around until the end when some penguins make an appearance.)

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  • Somebody at my office recently took 6 months off working on an Antarctic base as a handyman. He had no official qualifications and knew nobody in the program.
    The prerequisites are tricky: you have to be in very good health and have a wide range of practical and social skills. My co-worker is about 50 and spent a lot of his life swapping between different skilled-labour jobs, so he got the part.

    For that 6 months he got a lot of hard work, an incredible experience, and about $200 000. I’d do it for free if I could.

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