Could Living On An Icebreaker Be The Solution To All Your Problems?

Sometimes life seems rotten and you just want to get away from it all. Spending two months on an Arctic icebreaker probably isn't the best way to deal with your issues, but this time-lapse video does make the prospect alluring...

Ice-breaking ships use their re-enforced hulls to plough through the Arctic and often carry scientific expeditions to see what mysteries can be uncovered in the freezing wastes. In the above time-lapse video, Cassandra Brooks narrates an expedition on the Nathaniel B. Palmer: a giant Icebreaker chartered by the US National Science Foundation.

The serene, unspoiled vistas have an almost hypnotic quality that hold a contemplative power: like Terrence Malick by way of YouTube. If you're feeling a bit down, we recommend watching the above video — it's the next best thing to packing your rucksack, donning your beanie and being there. (Make sure to stick around until the end when some penguins make an appearance.)

[Via Gizmodo]


    Thanks for the share - Cassandra's journey is awesome.

    Somebody at my office recently took 6 months off working on an Antarctic base as a handyman. He had no official qualifications and knew nobody in the program.
    The prerequisites are tricky: you have to be in very good health and have a wide range of practical and social skills. My co-worker is about 50 and spent a lot of his life swapping between different skilled-labour jobs, so he got the part.

    For that 6 months he got a lot of hard work, an incredible experience, and about $200 000. I'd do it for free if I could.

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