Cloud Storage Speed Compared, Dropbox Comes Out On Top

Cloud Storage Speed Compared, Dropbox Comes Out On Top

The cloud storage wars are heating up and there are a lot of reasons to look at the alternatives. One big question is: “Which service is the fastest at syncing files?” Unsurprisingly, that title goes to reigning incumbent, Dropbox.

Tech blog ReadWrite took a look at Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud and Microsoft’s Skydrive to see which one was fastest at syncing files. You can read more about the methodology at the source link, but the short version is that Dropbox was the fastest service 56 per cent of the time, with Amazon’s cloud storage taking second place with top speeds 28% per centof the time.

Skydrive had a pretty abysmal showing. It was the fastest to sync one file to another machine a mere 12 per cent of the time, while it was the slowest to sync files a whopping 80 per cent of all the tests. It also had the highest number of complete failures to sync a file (twice). Google Drive took third place behind Dropbox and Amazon, but it’s clear that the three are collectively leagues ahead of Skydrive in terms of pure speed.

Obviously, speed isn’t the only important feature in your cloud service, but if you’re wondering how they stack up, ReadWrite’s tests give some insight. They may not be definitive, but it’s good to know how they fare. Hit the link to read more.

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