Cloud Mate Gives You Finder Access To All Your iCloud Documents

Cloud Mate Gives You Finder Access To All Your iCloud Documents

For the most part, you don’t really need to dig into your iCloud files. That said, if you don’t feel like opening up iPhoto to track your photostream, or you want to grab a text file but don’t have the Mac equivalent software, then it’s kind of a pain to actually track down those synced files. Cloud Mate allows you to browse just the files you have in iCloud, copy files into iCloud, or integrate the search right into Finder so iCloud acts a little more like Dropbox.

Cloud Mate ($6.99)


  • I love Apple hardware… lord knows I’ve got enough of it… but they just don’t “get” services and they especially don’t “get” Cloud. Other cloud services have this “feature” out-of-the-box. And are cross platform. And now a third party has solved the problem, but it costs me $7 to fix. Or would if I used iCloud… Google and Dropbox handles this stuff for me without any fuss or hassle across all my devices and platforms.

    Apple is stuck over in one corner of the playground, on their own jungle-gym that they built and is weird and unpredictable and you can easily fall off with no warning… left wandering dazed and thinking “Where did my file go… ?” Or worse… I’ve had the “HEY !!! I purposely DELETED that file two weeks ago.. now I open the program and there it is.. risen from the dead like so many garrulous zombies

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