Taste-Test Video: Blair’s “Ultra Death” Chili Sauce

Taste-Test Video: Blair’s “Ultra Death” Chili Sauce

Blair’s “Ultra Death” Sauce is a chili sauce with a Scoville rating of 1,100,000 heat units — that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeno chili. In the following video, we taste-test this bottled magma with Jolokia Pepper extreme-heat potato chips. (Darwin Awards, here we come!)

We’ve scarfed some pretty extreme things here at Lifehacker. Recent examples notable for their horror include the gut-churning bacon milkshake, most of the Takeaway Truth series and the distressingly chewy human placenta pizza.

But when it comes to sheer taste bud annihilation, Blair’s “Ultra Death” Chili Sauce arguably tops the lot.

As its name implies, Blair’s “Ultra Death” Sauce isn’t suitable for people with sensitive palates. It’s not really suitable for hardcore chili-lovers either. The label on the bottle is covered with multiple warnings (not to mention a miniaturised skull) and includes the caveat: “not to be consumed without dilution”.

The ingredients of this hellish concoction are as follows:

Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chilies, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavor, Tomato Puree, Pirri-pirri Chilies, Lime Juice, Salt, & Spices with added Naga Jolokia peppers.

Just opening the bottle caused a powerful reaction in the room. Indeed, it kind of made my nostrils and anus burn before I event tasted it (although the latter may have been unrelated). In the words of Kotaku editor Mark Serrels: “It smells like something you use to kill cockroaches with.” And that was before the taste-test.

Check out the video for a taste of what dining in hell feels like.

We can confidently say that this product should not be used as a dipping sauce by anyone. If you’re feeling particularly suicidal though, you can order a bottle for yourself at blairshotsauce.com.


  • Hey, I remember having that.
    Well, “remember” in the loosest sense.
    Pretty sure the rest of that night i wanted to die and was delirious.

    • I distinctly remember telling you it was ‘extremely hot’.

      Which I distinctly remember you ignoring.

      I’ve never seen you be so quiet. Ever.

  • Have the Mega Death sauce myself. It’s ridiculous. Have had it for 3 years now and barely polished off a quarter.

    • I put a single teaspoon of Mega in a bolognese sauce I made once. I got about a quarter of the way through the meal and had to throw it and all the other sauce out.

      I made another bolognese sauce with just chillies that I thought was quite tame, but it gave an unsuspecting housemate a blood nose!

      Aren’t these ‘mega/death/insane’ sauces just spiked with raw capsaicin though? It’s like pouring liquid mace into tomato sauce until it hardly resembles a sauce…

  • cant wait to feed this to the king of chilli in the family.
    What about on the way out? any feedback?

  • $9 for the product, $45 for shipping. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! That’s just utterly ridiculous.

  • I was growing 5 Naga Jolokia plants last year. Sadly the frost killed all but one. They make an awesome salsa. The Naga is no longer the hottest chilli in the world as it has been out done by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion which is between 1.2 and 2 million scovilles.

    • Yeah, I’ve got some sauce that contains Trinidad Scorpion chillies at about 1,400,000 scovilles.

  • I had some of the Blair’s Jolokia chips the other week. They are actually nice flavoured. Much better then other chilli flavoured chips.

    I grow Bhut Jolokia chillis. Try eating a whole pod, and find out what real pain is!

  • Why not try some Scorpoin Strike?

    Made in Australia with a Scolille rating of 1,463,700!

    • Yep, got Scorpion Strike – cook it with shin beef and onions in a pressure cooker – not for the faint-hearted, tends to rip your tonsils out.

  • i’ve got the dry spice version, add a tiny pinch to noodles/soups/sauces etc and it’s fine but you’d never want to actually eat the shit.

  • I had this this morning with a spinach and ricotta roll for breakfast. Bought it at a chilli festival in Fremantle.

    I take the tiniest amount on the tip of my knife (akin to dipping a couple of millimetres of toothpick in), then spread it over the top as best as I can. Then I coat with tomato sauce.

    With that tiny amount, it’s very potent still. If I use much more than this amount, I can’t finish the roll.

  • LOL that sauce is utter destruction! I bought mine from http://www.chilli-seeds.com.au when they had it for sale. Now i’m growing some carolina reapers, habaneros and bhut jolokias in my greenhouse so I plan on making my own sauce. Hopefully it can be as good as this one!

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