Celebrate Bacon Week With... Bacon

Who doesn't love bacon? Some "people" I suppose... but let's focus on the positives. This week is officially Bacon Week in Australia with hundreds of restaurants and retailers taking part, providing discounts on bacon across the country. To celebrate I thought I'd put together a little Bacon round-up — these are some of my favourite bacon posts from across our network.


Use A Bowl To Cook Crispy Microwave Bacon Lifehacker makes it easier to make bacon. This is why I love Lifehacker. Blanch Bacon To Tame Its Smoky, Salty Flavour In Dishes Why would you want to make bacon less tasty? Curl Your Bacon Before Baking Don't mind if I do! Get Bacon In Every Bite Of Your BLT With The Basket-Weaving Technique Basket weaving and bacon — together at last! DIY Bacon Fat Candle Candles and bacon — together at last! Infuse Vodka With Bacon Etc.


DIY Bacon Sundae: Testing Three Alternatives In our office, we've frequently made utterly rancid concoctions with bacon. This was one... Gizmodo AU Makes Its Own Bacon Milkshake This was the worst. It legit made me throw up. Behold The Meatiest Sandwich In Human History Not sure if want.


Skyrim Bacon: Baconborn A man makes a skyrim helmet entirely of bacon. It's probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Somehow I still want to eat it. Bacon Approves A woman dressed as bacon. Yep. It's beautiful.


    Bacon week in Australia, show picture of American bacon.

    Not necessarily, coles sells "streaky bacon".
    It's basically a middle cut with the round end cut off.

      I love streaky bacon.

        I haven't actually had it yet!
        I've been waiting for a bacon project to try it out on, I guess bacon week is as good as any!

      I doubt it's as pink as the american stuff though

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