Build An All-In-One Arcade Stick That Works On Multiple Consoles

Arcade sticks are a great way to play games, but swapping out different sticks for systems is a pain. To solve this problem, DIY enthusiast Dave Nunez made a single arcade stick that works on NES, SNES and an Atari 2600.

The process is by no means for amateurs, but Nunez's guide walks you through the process of picking components, soldering and building the case with a CNC mill. The end result is a single arcade stick with outlets that plug into a SNES, NES or Atari 2600. You could certainly add different systems as well with a bit of tinkering. Head over to Nunez's site for the full guide to make it for yourself.

Creating the Multicon_Retro [Dave Nunez's Blog via Hack a Day]


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