Briefly: Vodafone Lawsuit Attracts 10,000 Signatures, $10 Geek Tees, Did Apple Mislead The IT Pricing Inquiry?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Get Totally Irreverent t-shirts for $10, anti-rape campaign targets Facebook, Ed Husic calls on Apple to set the pricing record straight.

  • Totally Irreverent is currently having a T-shirt sale with geeky threads going for just $10, including shipping. The range of colourful subjects includes everything from video games to Marvel superheroes. We especially like this Mickey Mouse Monday tee. Check out the full range here.
  • The financial backer of Piper Alderman’s lawsuit against Vodafone says that the class action has attracted “over 10,000” ex-Vodafone customers. While this is around half the number that the law firm originally wanted to get, it still amounts to a lot of angry consumers. If Piper Alderman proves triumphant, the people it represents are set to receive a refund. You can read the full report here.
  • An anti-rape campaign against Facebook is gaining plenty of traction, with an online petition amassing over 200,000 signatures and a further 40,000 people tweeting their support. The 'FBrape campaign' focuses on misogynistic Facebook groups that condone or trivialize rape and violence against women. The campaign has been organised by 40 women's groups around the globe including Women, Action and the Media (WAM) and Everyday Sexism. Read the full report here.
  • Ed Husic has accused Apple of misleading the IT Pricing Inquiry. In relation to conflicting Apple testimony from a Congressional Inquiry, Husic said that he had concerns that the committee inquiry has been misled, either deliberately or accidently. "I call on Apple Australia to either correct the record or provide further detail as to the way it actually prices its products for Australian consumers," Husic said. You can read the full story over at Gizmodo.


    Class action law suits are a waste of time. If the affected customers get any more than $10, i'll be surprised.

    Also, any "cause" on facebook is a complete joke. Kony2012

    Is it just me, or are those teeshirts a bit kiddy?

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