Briefly: The Checkout Closes Shop, CommBank Kaching Updated, New Commodore Outed

Briefly: The Checkout Closes Shop, CommBank Kaching Updated, New Commodore Outed

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Watch the final episode of The Checkout tonight, Facebook verifies celebrities, CommBank Kaching adds BPAY QR code reader.

  • CBA has released a major update for its CommBank Kaching for iPhone banking app. The new version includes a BPAY QR code reader and the ability to set and change a card PIN and activate a card directly through the app. Click here for more detail.
  • Next week, Gizmodo will be heading to Taiwan for Computex — Asia’s largest computer expo. Here’s a preview of some of the next generation technology that will be making its debut on the showroom floor.
  • The ABC’s comedy/consumer affairs program The Checkout screens its last episode tonight (read our Q&A with host Julian Morrow here). The last episode, which screens tonight at 8pm on ABC1, focuses on baldness cures, Coles $10 family meals and products that claim to give you smarter babies. You can find out more at The Checkout’s website.
  • Facebook today announced Verified profiles and Pages to “increase authentic engagement on Facebook” (it says here). Verified Pages have a small, blue check mark beside their name, similar to Twitter. Celebrities, journalists,
    government officials, popular brands and businesses will all be granted verification.
  • You can currently get a 4GB Toshiba USB Key-ring from Harvey Norman for just $0.99. We know storage is cheap, but that’s ridiculous! [Via OzBargain]
  • Holden has unveiled the successor to its VE Commodore; the VF. According to Holden, the new model has cut down on weight, improved the car aerodynamics and lowered the pricing. It is slated to appear in mid-2013. You can find out more at Holden’s official VF Commodore website.


  • Why the hell are CBA releasing a new one for iphone (of all devices) that does things nobody does – when NFC is here, Mastercard and Visa have done their part pulled their finger out and certified heaps of devices for use with their networks.. But still we’re left without NFC payments for no reason?

    90% of readers already support it for paypass.. It’s literally a matter of updating the app to interract with the relevant wallet app (sidenote: does anyone know what the Wallet on Windows Phone 8 is called? “Windows Wallet” just sounds wrong lol)

  • The VF Commodore has been officially unveiled more than three months ago…

      • Mate, your line in the article says “Holden has unveiled the successor to its VE Commodore; the VF.”, your headline says “Commodore outed”, both of which is just plain wrong, as the unveiling or “outing”, ie the presentation of the actual car, has taken place in February. “Announcing” a vehicle is different again, that can be as limited as having a press statement say stuff to the effect of “we are working on a new one, stay tuned”. That’s why I was so specific in my choice of words. Unveiling and official launch (which includes pricing, technical specs etc for a specific market) is not the same thing. If this were a dedicated auto website, you would have gotten twenty comments to that effect. Its a confusion of terminology, that suggested, you havent noticed the February event.

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