Briefly: Skype For Linux Update, Free Car Phone Holder, Apple Maps Not Rubbish?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Microsoft releases new Skype update for Linux users, get a free car phone holder from NRMA, Apple Maps leaps onto the comeback trail.

  • When Microsoft snapped up Skype for a cool $US8.5 billion, many speculated that the end for Skype on Linux would be nigh. However, Microsoft has defied expectations by releasing the brand new Skype for Linux 4.2 update. The update fixes various navigation and bug issues and also increases the stability when logging in from a Microsoft Account. You can find out more about the new features at the Microsoft Skype blog.
  • When Apple Maps made its debut on the iPhone 5 last year, it was the commercial misstep Apple critics had been waiting for: the problematic app was promptly eviscerated with the ferocity of one thousand velociraptors leading to a public apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook and the firing of the executive in charge of the fiasco. Fast-forward a few months and the app has somehow managed to improve in leaps and bounds. (It appears the recent hiring drive to improve the service must have really paid off.) Pay a visit to Gizmodo for an overview of the sexy improvements.
  • We’ve talked about the legalities of using your phone while driving in the past. For most states and territories, the basic gist is that you can only operate your phone when it’s enclosed in a commercially-manufactured cradle. Handily (ahem), NRMA Insurance is currently offering a free car phone holder to members and non-members alike in NSW. The catch is that you need to provide some personal details and fill out a brief questionnaire. If you’re still keen, head over to NRMA’s website. The deal is limited to one per customer and there are no details on compatible phones.
  • PopSugar Health & Fitness has posted 5 Healthy Hot Chocolate Options to ward off the winter flab. Hurrah!
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