Briefly: 13 Amazing Facts, New Superman Movie Trailer, NASA To Build 3D Pizza Printers

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: NASA develops 3D food printer, watch the new Man OF Steel trailer, how easy is it to get a doctor’s certificate after admitting you’re not sick?

  • NBN Co has reached an agreement with iiNet to purchase its TransACT-branded fibre-to-the-premises network in the ACT. The $9 million deal includes TransACT’s existing fibre-to-the-premises network of approximately 8,500 premises/lots and an additional 4,500 premises/lots which are currently planned or under construction. “[The agreement] brings forward NBN Co’s ability to earn revenues, reduces construction costs and limits community disruption,” NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said in a statement.
  • A small scale study by Business Insider Australia has found it’s stunningly easy to get a doctor’s certificate from medical centres in the Sydney CBD — even if you admit you’re planning to chuck a sickie. BI reporter Ben Collins visited three randomly-selected doctors in Sydney and asked for a doctor’s certificate so he could take the day off work. Head over to the full story to read each doctor’s reaction.
  • The new Superman movie Man Of Steel directed by Zack Snyder is shaping up pretty well — check out the latest trailer here which includes General Zod menacing Earth in full armor.
  • Unity has announced that its 3D mobile development license for iOS and Android will now be offered for free. Previously, these licenses typically sold for $400. “Independent Unity developers will be able to deploy their games to Android and iOS platforms completely free of charge,” the company explained. “There are no strings attached, no royalties and no license fees. Individual developers and startup studios can simply download Unity and get going on mobile game development.” You can find out more at the official Unity 3D blog.
  • Did you know that lobsters can’t die of old age? Or that a single human brain contains more synapses than there are stars in the Milky Way? These facts and others like it are disclosed in this fun video (we’re calling shenanigans on the lobster one though).
  • NASA has announced plans to develop 3D food printing technology — starting with pizza — in a new project aimed at evolving the future of food for both space and back here on Earth. The concept involves printing out ready-made food from the basic ingredients such as oils, water and carbohydrate powders with an emphasis on long-life produce. You can find out more over at Gizmodo.