Briefly: Flying Car Swoops Into Reality, First-Person Lightsabre Duel, Get A Galaxy Tab 2 For $149

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: US scientists unveil new flying car, watch a first-person lightsaber duel, get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $149.

  • Sydney traffic is rated among the worst in the world — which makes this new invention an alluring prospect for fed-up Aussies. The Terrafugia TF-X is a fully operational prototype flying car designed by scientists in the US. The car is capable of taking off vertically and flying unassisted. Find out more at Terrafugia’s website.
  • Syria has internet again after the entire nation was knocked offline for more than 19 hours due to “a fault in optical fibre cables” (according to local state-run media). Various internet experts have accused the Syrian government of being directly responsible for the blackout.
  • Some sci-fi geeks with too much time on their hands have produced a Star Wars-inspired video that shows what a lightsabre duel would look like in the first-person. Perhaps J.J Abrams can pick up some P.O.V tips for the next installment of the franchise? Watch the video here.
  • Are you an emotional eater? (After this week’s Takeaway Truth I definitely feeling pretty emotional.) Our gal pals over at PopSugar Health & Fitness go through some of the warning signs.
  • Jonathan Mayer is the man who turned off third-party cookies in upcoming versions of Firefox. He just told AdExchanger that he no longer cares what advertisers think about privacy and cookies, because they’ve lost that debate. Read his story (and some of his hilarious tweets) over at Australian Business Insider.
  • Bing Lee is currently selling the 8GB WiFi version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet for $149. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gadget gift idea, this is it! [Via OzBargain]

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