Breast Implants Linked To Cancer Deaths

Women with cosmetic breast implants who contract breast cancer are 38 per cent more likely to die than their natural-breasted counterparts, a new study has found. This is because the implants create shadows on mammograms that can obscure some breast tissue, which makes it more difficult to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

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To ascertain whether breast implants increased the risk of terminal breast cancer, researchers from the Public Health Agency of Canada, et al, collated data from 17 previous studies relating to the disease. They discovered a significant link between terminal cancer and cosmetic breast implants, with the risk of dying rising by more than a third.

[The data] showed reduced survival after breast cancer among women who had implants compared with those who did not. This systematic review suggests that women with cosmetic breast implants have later stage tumors at diagnosis of breast cancer [which] adversely affects the survival of women who are diagnosed.

However, the report notes that its findings should be interpreted with caution as some studies did not adjust for other potential confounding factors (such as age at diagnosis and body mass index) and the overall number of studies used was relatively small. (That sound you just heard was a million strippers breathing a sigh of relief.)

Nonetheless, the authors maintain the accumulating evidence suggests that women with cosmetic breast implants who develop breast cancer have an increased risk of being diagnosed as having non-localized breast tumors more frequently than do women with breast cancer who do not have implants. The report concludes that further investigations are warranted.

Breast cancer detection and survival among women with cosmetic breast implants: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies [BMJ]


    So shouldn't the study be concluding that having implants simply makes it harder to detect breast cancer earlier? Which obviously is an issue, but still they appear to have worded it as if having breast implants increases the chances of developing breast cancer.

      What they are saying is that implants increase the chances of developing *terminal* breast cancer, which is a perfectly accurate statement (if the results are true).

        "This systematic review suggests that women with cosmetic breast implants have later stage tumors at diagnosis of breast cancer"

        That simply means they are finding the tumors later rather than sooner, not that the tumors are a result of the implant. How early you detect a cancer can be the difference between being able to recover from it or not.

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          I'm aware of that, but the implants are still causing the cancer to become terminal -- if I blindfolded you and sent you walking into a highway, your death was caused by more than just the car.

            You do realise you're arguing a different point than I am right?

              You appear to be arguing that the breast implants did not cause the tumors to appear ("That simply means they are finding the tumors later rather than sooner, not that the tumors are a result of the implant.").

              While it's true that the implant didn't *create* the tumor, it is still responsible for the cancer becoming terminal. If the breast implant wasn't there, the doctor would have discovered the cancer at an earlier stage. Ergo, the implant is responsible.

    I think they are saying it may not actually mean anything, but that doesn't mean we should stop looking...

    "The small number of studies and insufficient amount of follow-up time in these studies are suspected to limit statistical power to clearly evaluate survival rate patterns among augmented women. Given the limited evidence, no conclusion regarding breast cancer specific survival can be drawn and continued follow-up to further evaluate this question is particularly relevant."

    Dunno why people bother with implants to be honest, you're not fooling my eagle eyes with those imposters!

    It's as disappointing as counterfeit goods from china!

      Breast implant prostheses are sometimes inserted for women who have had unilateral mastectomy for breast cancer.

        Ok, that's one scenario where it makes sense

          You should see some of the breast implant jobs done within the last 2-3 years. Assuming they have gone to a decent/good doctor, you really cannot tell form the naked eye that they're fake. I know a few girls who have had the procedure, two thumbs up.

    I need the job whoever's hands those are has. xD

      I believe the official job title is 'hand model for booby augmentation photos'. Nice work if you can get it!

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