Beanhunter Gets Re-Roasted

Beanhunter Gets Re-Roasted

The web version of the much-loved coffee locator app Beanhunter has just received a major overhaul. The update includes a completely redesigned interface, improved search functionality, region pages and one of those little barista-designed leaf logos in the froth, probably.

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Beanhunter is a crowd sourcing web service that points to the best coffee spots around the world. “It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best coffee in Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York, Singapore or San Francisco, Beanhunter is the fastest and most reliable resource to use,” the company boasted.

Normally, this sort of smug self-aggrandisement would prompt a tossed coffee in the face, but in this instance we’d have to agree with ’em — the mobile version of Beanhunter received our Editor’s Pick for the best mobile app of 2012.

    The main new additions to Beanhunter are as follows:
  • Redesigned interface
  • Improved search
  • Region pages (e.g. Fitzroy, Melbourne etc.)
  • Login with your Facebook account
  • Easy sharing of your activity on Facebook and Twitter
  • Follow your friends to find out where they’re drinking coffee via the activity feed
  • Brand new cafe page layout highlighting the best content and the key information that you need to find good coffee
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    If you’re serious about coffee drinking, Beanhunter is well worth checking out. You can see the webapp’s new look by paying a visit to the Beanhunter website. (A similar update for the iPhone app is also coming soon.)

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    • I just went there, and searched on the top rated Sydney cafe right now – Coffee Brothers. Its not mentioned. Added to that a brief look at “ratings” makes them look like a blog site, not a custom coffee ratings site. Sorry, it looks like that site SUCKS. I accept BH has had issues of late, but at lesat I can use it anywhere in the world to tell me the closest ten cafes, and I can see the ratings of each immediately, and I can see whether the ratings are one time efforts, or guys who have rated a lot of cafes.

    • I have very rarely found that a rating is that far off. But I use the following things as a guide. Only get interested when its rated over 7.0, preferably over 7.5. Make sure its got at least 10 ratings, and that the raters have more than 2 posts each. But you cannot serious be suggesting that the application has changed such that it now tastes the coffee itself? Beanhunter and Decaf Sucks are based on individuals making evaluations. Tastes vary, some folks are biased because they own the cafe, others are upset because they had a bad experience, and still others are out to damage the franchise. Seeing as this site has not so far allowed replies to these two curiously negative posts here, I am wondering about that right now.

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