AWS Security Compliance Now Covers Sydney

File under good-but-slightly-surprising-news: Amazon has included its Sydney data centre, which opened last November, in the latest edition of its Service Organization Control security compliance report. The surprising element? It wasn't in there before.

Picture: David McNew/Getty

As well as covering off the local site, the report now also incorporates Amazon Elastic MapReduce, RedShift and Identity & Access Management. Of course, no-one has been using those services for anything other than pilots so far, have they? Bueller?

[AWS Security Blog]


    Is this maybe the first step to opening an Australian Portal sometime soon ? :)

    Last edited 15/05/13 10:09 am

      Also can someone fix the waiting for moderation issue, or have I pissed Alex off once too many? :)
      OK here we go again, this is getting old now!

      Last edited 15/05/13 10:13 am

    Great, now if only they could stop bringing one of the various biggest sites on the internet down every few days that would be fantastic.

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