Ask LH: Can I Cancel My Mobile Broadband If The Reception Sucks After I Move?

Dear Lifehacker, What are my rights if I move house and my mobile broadband speed is severely impacted due to the new location? Am I left paying the contract for a device that is still useable, but getting virtually dial-up speeds? Thanks, Mr 56k

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Dear Mr 56k,

This can be pretty tricky to navigate, unfortunately. One of the chief caveats of broadband internet contracts is that they’re usually binding regardless of what life throws at you. When you entered into the agreement it was for the address you were living at — the telco can’t really be held liable if you decide to move.

That said, it never hurts to ask. Perhaps some kind of arrangement can be worked out, although I wouldn’t hold my breath. The next step is to look over your contract and see if it mentions anything about moving to a new address. (We’d be extremely surprised if they haven’t extensively covered themselves in this area though.)

If an agreement can’t be reached, you’re probably better off paying the cancellation fee than sticking with a service you’re not using. This can be quite costly, but it usually works out cheaper than paying the remainder of your contract. You can sometimes get the cancellation fee waived if you arrange to reconnect to the service at a later date.

Alternatively, you could try using an antenna which can improve mobile internet speeds in poor reception areas. Although to be honest, the difference is usually minimal. You might also be able to garner some relevant tips from our articles: Top 10 Ways To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi and How Can I Work Using A Slow Internet Connection?

If any readers have a suggestion of their own, let Mr 56k know in the comments section below.


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