Artery Alert: Lord Of The Fries Is Coming To Sydney

Artery Alert: Lord Of The Fries Is Coming To Sydney

Melbourne’s award-winning hot chips restaurant Lord Of The Fries is finally heading to Sydney, with the first store set to open on George street in the coming months. Our bellies are gladdened by this news. Our collective waistbands? Not so much.

Lord Of The Fries is a vegetarian fast food chain that specialises in freshly prepared french fries that come with a variety of sauces including satay sauce, Belgian mayonnaise and shredded cheese with hot gravy. It also serves onion rings, battered chili peppers and vegetarian burgers with patties that “have the look, taste, texture of beef or chicken with virtually no fat.”

While it might sound like a healthy alternative to the likes of McDonald’s, Lord Of The Fries’ signature menu item remains a bit dodgy. Deep fried potato slathered in high-sugar sauces isn’t exactly a path to weight-loss: the use of sunflower and cottonseed oil is largely immaterial.

Currently, the Lord Of The Fries website contains no nutritional information for its menu items, although this will presumably need to change before the NSW store opens to meet the state’s fast food laws.

The new George street store is set to open its doors in September and will be located near World Square. You can check out the menu and set your mouth to watering here. Stay tuned for the inevitable Takeaway Truth post, coming soon.


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