Turn A Spoon Into A Can Opener

Turn A Spoon Into A Can Opener

When I was younger — much younger — I once opened a tin can using the sharp end of a garden sprinkler. It’s not something I’m proud of (now), but hunger and a lack of common sense got the better of me. If only my adolescent self had been able to watch this video, I’d have had a safer (and MacGyver-approved) way of accessing the delicious contents of that can.

You can watch the clip above, but the process is surprisingly simple. You simply hold the spoon with the end facing downwards and place the edge onto the outer-most groove of the lid. Then you begin rubbing the metal to weaken it and eventually, you can just punch through. With the first hole made, it’s easy to expand it around the perimeter and open the lid using the spoon as a lever.

Even if you’re one of the elite few that’s already handy with a spoon, the video is worth watching to the very end for its (unintentional) comedic value.

How To Open A Can With A Spoon [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


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