Win! The Feature-Packed HTC One Phone From Optus And Lifehacker

Win! The Feature-Packed HTC One Phone From Optus And Lifehacker

The HTC One is a beast in a shiny, silver jacket. Underneath its bright, 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 (469ppi) Super IPS display hides a monstrous 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, 2GB RAM, a 4MP camera with Ultrapixel technology and up to 32GB storage juiced by a 2300mAh lithium-polymer battery. Want to win one? Simply answer this one easy question in the comments…

How To Enter:

In the comments, submit a question for our regular Ask Lifehacker series. You know the deal. Maybe you need info on dealing with an ant problem in your home. Or maybe you need help choosing a new piece of hardware. Should you win, the HTC One will answer all your Android prayers while we answer your other question!
Lifehacker only has one to give away — so the most interesting question will win the phone, valued at $760 outright!

Now available on pre-order plans from Optus, the HTC One arrives on April 23. It also ships with Android 4.1.2 and HTC’s Sense 5 user experience, now featuring ‘BlinkFeed’ — a baked-in scrolling grid of news headlines and social network updates. See Gizmodo’s Australian review for more.

Competition closes 10am AEST Monday April 22nd. Full terms and conditions. [clear]


  • Id love to see an article about

    “Pneumatic Power, and Why you must know it”

    I think its a topic that quite often is under estimated and can often be harness.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    My husband and I live in an inner-city suburb and – frustratingly – can’t seem to get ADSL because we’re on pair gain. A friend mentioned it might be possible to circumvent the pair gain – is this true? If not, what’s the fastest, cheapest internet option available to us?

    – No Net

  • Ok I’ll take a shot, Dear Lifehacker
    I’m thinking of upgrading my intel mini wifi card on my Sony laptop due to disconnect issues but I’m wondering if it’s possible to enhance the internal antenna? I have an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 installed but it also has Bluetooth which I have no use for, so I’m considering updating to the intel 6300 which is more powerful and just wifi. So… again, the question is, can I update the antenna instead? Because the latest/oldest drivers just aren’t cutting it! 🙂

  • Dear LifeHacker, Home Automation seems to be one of those things always seen in the movies, what steps would be involved in getting it set up in my home? Something to be left to professional installers or can anyone do it?

  • Dear Lifehacker i have a cat that tends to get really dirty and im living with a person who does not like smelly things my cat is verry stubborn she always knows when i want to bathe her and she goes in places where no one can get her out so my queston is
    how do you bathe a stubbern cat?

  • Dear lifehacker, for years I have lusted after a MacBook Pro or an iMac without the financial capabilities to afford one. Now having the finances to be able to get one I have hit a dilemma. After years of iPhones I am finding them incredibly restricted in customizability and function, and though I’ve used apple computers before I’ve not used one for long enough to know if their computers are the same. I have searched a fair amount and cannot find a huge amount of information, but is there a comparable PC laptop that, for a similar cost achieves something similar to retina display, battery lasting power, and high performance while still being sleek in design?

  • Hey Lifehacker, the room where I have my computer set up is definitely cramped for space. How would I go about setting up a standing desk, maybe one where bits can fold away as well?

  • LifeHacker,
    I was thinking of converting an old computer that isn’t used anymore into a personal server. Firstly, would a setup with only 2 gigs of ram suffice? Next, is windows seven ok or do I need a certain OS? Finally, is this even useful for me? With just a one unit server, can I even utilize it correctly, or to its optimum capacity?

  • Dear Lifehacker, I am constantly entering competitions online but I never ever win. What tips can you give me to grab the attention of judges?

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    What are the key points to consider (besides price) when choosing hospital insurance? And are insurance brokers such as Choosi or iSelect reliable or am I better off shopping on my own.

  • Hi,
    My partner doesn’t like to have mobile phones in the bedroom while we sleep – I can understand this from a “not wanting to be woken up by irritating text message” point, but there is also the issue of the radiation that emanates from the little suckers as they sit there recharging. Is this a genuine health concern, a hippy fallacy, or is the truth somewhere in the middle (or the jury still out?)

  • Dear LifeHacker,
    I currently use a cheap prepaid “dumbphone”. While it serves to call and text, I’m getting jealous of my friends and their feature-rich smartphones. Are their any user-friendly, reasonably cheap (sub $250), unlocked smartphones for those of us who don’t want to lock ourselves into expensive locked plans?

  • Dear Lifehacker.

    I’m currently in a job I hate that pays quite well (for a role which doesn’t require a degree). I’m almost 30, don’t have any qualifications beyond a completely irrelevant certificate 3, and have a baby on the way, which my wife will be looking after for a year, severely reducing our income. I want out of my incredibly unsatisfying job, but given the current job market and my very specific skill set, I’m concerned about my ability to find another job that I hopefully won’t hate so much, and that will allow me to continue to earn enough to support my family. How do I inject some much needed job satisfaction into my life?

  • Dear Lifehacker

    I’ve asked this question twice before directly, but how does one get your wifi-enabled phones and media appliances to benefit from a VPN or web-proxy on your home network?

    – Stillwantingtoknow

    • Do you mean connecting your whole home network to an external VPN provider (say, so you can watch netflix and hulu),do you mean a VPN that will let you dial into your home network from outside and access your stuff, or do you plan to do something unusual like running a completely internal VPN for added security on a network you don’t trust?

        • Check if your current VPN provider sells pre-configured routers already. Several do and ship worldwide, but if they don’t, is a good place to start – you select a model, tell it which VPN provider you’re with, and they will pre-configure it and ship it out to you.

          You can then put your VPN username and password into the router yourself when it arrives. Routers use very little electricity, so you could have 2 connected to your ADSL2+ modem’s ethernet ports, so you have memeweaver as your main LAN and wifi connection, memeweaver US for netflix and memeweaver NL for torrenting. 🙂

        • assuming you want everything to be connected centrally, the best way is probably connecting your router to the VPN directly. a fair few routers support this, but your best bet might be getting one that supports DD-WRT/openWRT/tomato and installing that on it.

          the tricky part: By default, your router will send all your data over the vpn connection. you might not mind that, but it could slow you down a lot accessing local sites. If you’re okay with that, that’s it! you’re done! If not, there’s a few ways to work around it:

          -The right way: static routing. DD-WRT lets you specify certain data to run over different VPNs. if netflix/hulu use static IP addresses, you can set the vpn to only carry data intended for those sites. This also allows you to connect to multiple VPNS at once, if you wanted to have access to hulu AND bbc iplayer. This can take a lot of effort to get working, but when done right it should be a flawless experience.

          -The ghetto way: multiple routers. leave your existing router in place, install DD-WRT on a second one, plug it into your first router, and hook it up to the VPN. Now you have two wireless networks at home: one that will always go over the VPN, one will always be local traffic.

          of course, I could just wait for lifehacker to write an article on the topic and put it much more elegantly than I can.

          • I appreciate the input from both of you. I’ve twice made the request to Lifehacker to do an article on this, but I think articles on washing old toothpicks have higher priority.

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    I bought an apartment a few months ago and I’m looking at/being nagged about new light fittings as the current ones are mismatched and some of the 12V drivers for the spot/down lights have busted. I know LED’s are the way to go and are worth the initial higher cost in the long run compared to halogens/flurous, but there are so many options (different fittings, heat sink issues, actual light emitted etc) and I have read that not all LED’s are created equal… Please help me out with some advice,



    • Good question. In the event they don’t use it, I’d like to suggest you check out Lifx. They’re LED lights that work in screw cap, bayonet and downlight fittings, use about 6W per globe and are rated for about 25 years. But the bonus is they’re multi-colour capable, wifi enabled and you can control them completely from a smartphone app.

      They’re expensive for a light globe (though they’re cheap for what they are), but if they’re lasting for 20+ years then you’re really only paying a few bucks a year per globe. Compared to the last generation of light globes, that’s a pretty good deal for what you get.

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    I’d like to know about the steps needs to start up a company. a lot of companies like Apple and Facebook have had small beginnings and I was just wondering if it really was as easy as they sounded.

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I’m a book collector in a small house and I’m trying to find the best (and cheapest) way to store all my books while leaving them still somewhat accessible. At the moment I have about seven bookcases of them in a retail storage unit down the road stored in plastic tubs with lids. My collection is a variety of different formats – graphic novels, paperbacks, hardcovers and textbooks. My biggest problem is these boxes keep piling up and I’m unlikely to access the ones at the back anymore. Any tips?

  • Dead Lifehacker, i live in an apartment and love to watch TV and Movies. I have a 5.1 system but i am unable to alter the premises so i cant wire the rear speakers up without running wires across my living room. What is my best option for getting a 5.1 system working in my apartments without creating a huge mess of cables?

  • Dear LifeHacker.

    Is it ever ok to buy replica/bootleg products?

    I’ll likely never spend $200 on sunglasses, $500 on headphones, $1,500 on a handbag (or manbag), or $5,000 on a watch. While I admire the aesthetics, I simply can’t justify the expense.

    Is this largely a victimless crime? After all, these companies aren’t losing me as a potential customer.

    • I learnt the hard way that cheap sunglasses (especially those found on footpath stands) can damage your eyes because they are usually not proper UV blockers. Your eyes may open wider and let more damaging UV rays in than if you had not worn anything.

    • I’d argue it’s never worth buying fake branded products – even though they’re not genuine, you’re still paying a price based off a brand. A manufacturer/merchant who’s ripped off someone’s brand will also have loose morals regarding quality control.

      instead, I’d seek cheaper alternatives. Good quality sunnies can be bought from any chemist for about $30 – and they will almost always be UV rated, and likely be endorsed by the Cancer Council of Australia.

      As for the headphones, hand/man-bag and watch; all of these can be bought manufactured by reputable brands for significantly less than the prices you’ve mentioned, so I think your point here is kind of moot.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’ve been using the internet since the mid 90s and I’ve seen different fads and phases of the net come and go. I resisted the urge to use social media sites for the longest time but now I find myself needing to sign up to all these things in order to use the internet and keep in touch with my friends.

    Is there a guide or system out there that can explain and show me the easiest ways to set up and effectively use the actual social media accounts I will need or will want to use in the future without it being written for complete computer illiterates or by/for teenagers.

  • Did a quick search but it doesn’t look like has run an answer to this yet:

    I’d like to start monitoring my electricity usage so I can check for devices that draw a lot of power when in use, and to find out how much power is drawn by my devices in standby. I know there are several solutions available, but I’ve also seen reviews saying a lot of devices are inaccurate or can’t properly measure energy draw below a certain level. What are some options for accurately measuring electricity usage, and what kind of fine-grain options (eg. per device, per wall-socket) are available?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    How do I go about making a ‘bucket-list’?

    I know it should have all the things I want to do/see/experience. But what about the things I’m not aware of? I don’t know what I don’t know, after all. Should it be 50 things? 100? 1000? Should I focus on doing things for myself or for others? What’s a good mix? Should it be a dynamic list or something I set in stone until it’s finished? I want to make a well rounded list so I feel like I’ve really lived, before I kick it (hopefully in many years time!).

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I recently bought a Nexus 4 and soon after buying it discovered the headphone port wasnt working. Before I could send off for a repair/replacement under the warranty I dropped it and cracked the screen.
    Is the separate fault still covered? Will they just exchange the port and leave the cracked screen or are they more likely to replace the phone.

    • I work at Sprint and deal with this type of issue all the time. Sorry to say this, but the reality is that the carrier/insurance company will see the headphone port damage as a direct result from the same drop that cracked your screen. 🙁

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    I know I love my daily morning coffees, lord knows I can down anywhere bewtween 1-6 coffees per day. I want to reduce my consumption of coffee/caffine but tiredness/headaches etc somedays interfere with my plans to do so.

    What I want to ask is;
    Is it really me not wanting to give it up or is the caffine addiction real?.. is it a psuedo effect I’m facing? Is there an alternative to “slowly” taper off the caffine? I find I get really tired when I don’t have my coffees.. but is it just a mental thing or is the effect real?

    Caffine Addict

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I am a zombie fan. With World War Z coming out in theatres this June, I would like Lifehacker to do a piece on survivalist during the zombie apocalypse. I foresee a lot of opinionated responses from the comments.
    When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
    -Dawn of the dead (1978)

  • Dear LH,

    I have decided to start a PhD in Computer Science. Everyone knows, starting something new can be overwhelming, especially starting a PhD, as it is in an unstructured environment, not just turning up to classes anymore…
    I’d like to keep track of what I am doing my research in, why I am doing the research for and how to get my PhD. Are there any good technologies and tools out there (except from lovely Evernote and Dropbox) that might make my (4 year) journey a bit less bumpy?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    What is the best way to invest your savings?

    As a young person, one kind of just ends up putting stuff into the bank and watches it earn, like, no interest. Maybe some suggestions for if you’re just starting out and barely have more than pizza money in the bank, and some suggestions for people who’ve been working a few years and have at least 10k or more stashed away and don’t know how to best make it earn some extra dosh. Without getting into stuff like day-trading: just fire-and-forget options!

  • HI LH,
    I’m in the process of creating my own home security alarm system. I have some old phones that I’m turning into security cam whilst running some open source camera security software – ie. iSpy. Thinking of throwing few PIR etc. Can old phones act as PIR, camera and iniaitiate back to base (me) calls? I can then login via VPN via new HTC phone 🙂 to check cam whether it’s cat or burglar? Might activate speaker and say something to burglar? 🙂 Maybe an article on DIY article on security system with existing common tools (old mobile phones etc)? So new HTC one might come in handy 🙂

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Considering the number of gadgets I have in my home, what’s the best way to tie everything together so that I can share music, videos, files? Does it mean I have to buy into a single vendor solution like Apple or Google?

    Sincerely, Caesar

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Are there any modern LifeLogging solutions or Hacks to do something similar, portable media is significantly more ample than it was back when Microsoft did SenseCam, I’ve done some googling and am yet to find anything reasonably priced (even an app for a small phone?) etc.

    Ideal solution should be able to snap images at a set interval and record compressed audio.

    Any Idea’s?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    To solar panels or not to solar panels? Have all the fly-by-nights gone yet? Is the government going to turn off the rebates? Is the industry in steady-state yet? Has the technology got a long way to go yet? I want to help the planet and reduce power bills, but I’m afraid the long term cost and changes to daily routine are just not worth it at the moment. What are the best deals/set-ups at the moment? Or should I wait?


    Sun worshiper Jimmy

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    When does private health insurance become worth it, and what options are worth considering? With all the rules surrounding tax breaks (or penalties) for not having it, it can be difficult to decide if it’s worth it.

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I’ve let my lawn go downhill over the past couple of years and now I’d like to fix it up. It’s full of weeds, the sections of grass that do exist are very clumpy and there are a number of dirt patches. Short of laying down expensive new turf, what’s the best way to recover my lawn so that it’s thick and luscious?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I recently read an article stating that very few users of tablets have invested into screen sharing or streaming applications from the tablet to TV / Projector.

    I currently have a MS Surface however I have not been able to find a comprehensive guide (from required hardware through to apps and software) that would be required to wirelessly stream from a tablet to tv, whether it is music or video.

    Because most users are not fully up to speed on what can actually be done with technology (highlighted by the fact that a low percentage of users have used those features), can you summarise the three major platforms (apple, android, windows) and how each platform can be molded into a wireless home media setting including the hardware and software investments we would likely need?

  • I’ve been playing guitar now for a couple of years what i’d like to know is whats the best way for me to be able record, mix layer music on a budget.

  • Lifehacker, O fount of knowledge, O pillar of wisdom: Given that I very seldom make good old fashioned phone calls any more and only have one phone (that work pays for) I’m keen to leave this in a drawer on the weekends and just cart about my Nexus 7 3G instead. I can make VOIP calls (out) on this in a pinch of course, but it’s messaging I’m most concerned with – there are a multitude of “aggregator” messaging apps which can put Skype/Google Talk/Facebook chat etc together, but nothing that allows me to deal with SMS’s in/out as well… Help!

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I am looking at upgrading my laptop, but am assessing whether a desktop or laptop would be most beneficial for me. I would love to have the raw power that you can only get out of a desktop computer, yet still be able to occasionally surf the internet while sitting on the lounge or in bed on a larger screen than, say, a 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 Super IPS phone screen.

    How would I set up my old laptop or new tablet to control a desktop computer situated in my study? I would like to have my remote device able to mirror the screen on the desktop, while controlling both mouse and keyboard. I would also need the laptop/tablet to boot up quickly (a concept that my laptop currently struggles with).

    If mirroring the desktop is too complex a solution, how would I best set up a tablet to be able to synchronise webpages with the desktop and able to access specific files and folders?



  • Dearest Lifehacker,

    I’ve been working in my profession now for over 12 years. All this time without any formal university education.

    What I’m curious about is, is it possible for me to get a university education now?

    If so, what are the requirements? Do I need to have completed any prerequisites (eg, HSE/VCE, tafe etc)?

    Assuming those prerequisites are probably closely tied to the various courses, where does one go to find out more information on this?

    Finally, how much does it cost? Again I’ve never been to university, so I’ve got no idea how any of this works!


    Cameron (the uneducated).

  • My Dearest Lifehacker,
    If a mathematician, a statistician and an actuary got into a fight, who would win?
    Crunching Numbers Hidden Dragon

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Why does music recorded in multiple languages almost always sound better in the language you don’t speak?
    For example, 99 Red Balloons [Nena] and She loves you [Beatles] are fantastic songs and sound even better in their German versions?
    Is it because I don’t understand 100% what is being sung, its more interesting and whimsical.

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I have a nice setup in my room with my computer and aquarium and i was wondering how i can use my computer/phone to control my aquariums (light and autofeeder) i thought using a rasberry pi might work but idk

  • hi, I love gadgets and camping. My question is, can you do a regular feature on camping gadgets? Testing various products and their usefulness, and their sometimes exaggerated claims? I would love to volunteer for the gig. I just recently purchased a Zippo hand warmer and would love to do a review for everyone. I have also drooled over the HTC One ever since I saw some product shots.

  • Dear Lifehacker
    I am about to spend some time as a stay at home dad to my one year old child, with my wife returning to work. Mothers groups are already well established by one year in, and being a dad I’m always likely to be an outsider anyway. Are there any resources, support groups out there particularly targeted at stay at home dads, how to cope and retain your sanity when transitioning from working to being a full time parent?
    P. S. A Top Ten Parenting Hacks would be fascinating

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I am a mature-age student with a family. I am studying part-time in an archaeology major and one potential career that will come out of this will involve a move to the UK. Can you please run me through the basics of what I need to know to pack up a job here in Australia and what I, and my wife if she chooses to work, will need to do in order to begin anew in the UK. Basically what visas we need, how our taxable income will work and any other things we may not be aware of.

    Thank you,


  • How do I know when to quit, and when to stick it out?

    I’m currently in my first job out of uni, doing a two-year internship in a professional field. Between the pay ($0, with 40hr work weeks), my supervisor (unhelpful and borderline hostile) and the potential pay off (national accreditation and the chance at a lifetime’s worth of stable employment), I don’t know whether what I’m doing is worth it long-term, particularly considering the financial strain it’s placing on me in the short-term. Is this the norm? Please help, Lifehacker!

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I have a colleague who always comes into work sick, resulting in a number of my other colleagues getting sick including ME. We work in a smallish office.
    Do you have any ideas on how to deal with sick people in the office??

    Sick of sick colleagues

  • I’m looking at starting a business and am looking for an app that can do payments. Theres a couple I’ve found like paypal, which is not a fan of payment types outside of their ecosystem, and Square, which doesn’t seem to have an australian equivalent.

    Help me lifehacker, you’re my only hope!

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I have an old guitar that I am really attached to but the sound quality is starting to degrade, I am thinking of just upgrading the pickups on the guitar. Will this increase the sound quality of the guitar and is it a difficult task to do yourself?
    Yours Faithfully
    Overly attached guy.

  • Dear Life Hacker,

    I am going to more to Singapore in the next 2 months and I am looking to start a Technology business while I am over there. What do I need to know to get started?!

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’ve been looking at alternative ways to go to uni and found several electric longboards. They are all fairly expensive but look surprisingly simple to make. Is it possible to build one myself and if so, can you point me to a how-to?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’m in need of some advice in topic of shopping for business suits.
    So there are many brands that sell suits, but how does one differentiate between a good one and a bad one?
    fabric is another thing that confuses me as I don’t know weather a $1000 cotton suit will be better then a $600 wool suit. What are the differences?
    I am mainly after something that will last and is easy to maintain for daily use, and what kind of tips are there when it comes to maintenance?

    Thank you

  • Hi Lifehacker,
    I pre ordered a Pebble, it still hasnt arrived. I then started looking into some of the other cool watches out there. Bar a few 100k watches I have seen, I would like to know which are the best and reasonably priced tech head watches are out there. Pebble seems to be the best, but are there any alternatives?

  • Hi Lifehacker,

    I’ve recently moved from one city to another and I’m trying to establish a wedding photography business here. What are the best and cheapest ways to break a new market, gain exposure, and quickly get established?

    Love from Tron.

  • I have so many unified smart devices in our home , different phones, tablets Ipads. How do I sync across all the platforms share it all and back up everything into one place we can all reach on all brands of devices – can I do it transparently ? eg if I take a photo on my device – and my wife wants to post it on her FB right now I email it to her. HOWEVER – It should be whisked off to a common place we both can all access ! wonderful if possible…..

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    As a gamer (and not a very rich one at that), I have been using my laptop to play competitively, however I am finding that I am just not able to play on an equal playing field with my friends and against other teams. Despite the fact that I run games at low-medium settings and at lower resolutions, is their any way to boost my performance and graphics without buying a new computer or by over-clocking (due to heating issues in a laptop)?

    Specs are:
    CPU: i7-3612 QM @ 2.1GHz (8 cores)
    GPU: AMD 7730m @ 2gb DDR3
    RAM: 8gb of 1600 MHz DDr3 (cant upgrade)
    HDD: 1tb 5400 rpm + 32gb mSATA cache
    Additional: HDMI, 4x USB 3.0 ports and BluRay drive.

  • Hi Lifehacker,
    I recently endeavoured to install a build environment to help out the developer of my favourite Android ROM (his hard drive had failed and his Internet Quota was all used up for the month so re-syncing repositories was going to take forever).
    I’m a Linux newb having made the plunge to Ubuntu around 2 years ago. I’ve so far gotten by by copy/pasting anything I need to fix from a Google search slowly learning what each command does, if not necessarily remembering them.
    I successfully synced repositories but I had multiple errors during the build process on my standard Ubuntu 12.10 64bit install.
    Despite “apt-get”ing linaro, make, gcc and probably a few other bits and pieces I failed to succeed in building a binary and promptly gave up.
    Can you put together a guide on how to create a build environment that might allow me to continue to dabble in this new command-line world?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    My wife and I just recently bought a new house and I am planning to create a wireless home network. My current set up is quite simple, Just a PC located about 1m from the TV with HDMI cable hooking up the two to view music/movies/picture slideshows etc. However, in the new place of residence this would not be possible as the PC would be on a different room and floor as the TV.

    I am hoping that LifeHacker can do an article explaining how a wireless home network can be used to link different applications, devices etc in a house (e.g. speakers, TVs, computers, Media Servers, mobile etc) and more importantly, what hardware/tools you need to get, any applications that manage the whole thing, how to future proof your setup and what direction home entertainment are going.



  • Dear Lifehacker, While looking for computer, a salesperson recommended leasing, he says its really popular and well worth paying a bit extra. Does the ages old saying “buy what appreciates, lease what depreciates” apply to home computers too?

  • Dear LifeHacker,
    I just bought an AR Parrot 2.0 drone. What are some practical hacks I can perform on it to make it useful beyond its immediate novelty?

  • Dear Lifehackers

    I’m still stuck using HTC HD2 (aka HTC Leo) and my question is, whether its possible to either kill it or give it an extreme make over ? (as I’m envying all the new smartphones esp HTC One)

    My HTC HD2 is like John Mclane from the Die Hard movies, it refuses to disappear as I toss it into the drawer at night, its up on the desk next morning. I try to ship it to Timbuktu, the shipment get’s turned back overnight. I get a new phone, and the very next morning its found “dead” in the basement.

    Please Lifehackers….help me………

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’ve a serious problem in my house, it’s infest of disgusting cockroaches. Professional pest control, it’s too expensive. How to DIY get rid of cockroaches for ever?

  • Dear LifeHacker

    Is there a way to boost a wi-fi signal without resorting to buying a whole new modem? I only need a few extra metres. In addition, do things like closed doors affect a wi-fi signal?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    The last phone I bought (a Sony Xperia Sola) I broke the screen after a week (don’t know how, was fairly well protected and no drops or anything, but it has a noticeable point of impact where the screen is shattered). I got the phone for a low price, replacing the screen at repair store will cost more than the phone is worth. As the phone still works fine, apart from the cracked screen I thought I’d replace it myself, but some parts are connected with an incredibly small Torx screw, and after buying two sets of screwdrivers, none of which have the right size, I’ve stripped the screw. Is there anyway for me to get the screws out to dismantle my phone without spending any more money?


  • Hi lifehacker. I have recently started an attempt to lose weight (the latest in a long line) and i’ve found that using the nike+ app on android has helped me so far. But i’m looking for more. What are the best gadgets/apps I can use to help me track weight loss/fitness levels?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    How do planetary gear sets work? I’ve become interested in the idea after seeing the prototype rowheels for wheelchairs and their benefits for persons who use them.

  • Dear Lifehacker

    I recently have seen a gaming peripheral called the Oculus Rift being up for preorder,
    Now could this product have any other uses apart from gaming and is it the first step to true virtual reality for the average consumer

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I was writing to inquire about how to pick up chicks. I tried picking one up once with my hand although i got slapped… Like WTH. I My friend told me I had to be gentle so I slowly touched her and tried to pick her up although she called her friend and she called me a pedophile. Lifehacker, please teach me how to effectively pick up chicks without getting slapped. The price for getting jaw replacement surgery is increasing so yeh…

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’m currently in an IT decision making role within a medium sized food manufacturing company without any formal qualifications at all. We are currently investigating pre-configured end-to-end ERP systems that can be rolled out between 9 and 11 months. With all the necessary things to consider – social integration? mobile/tablet capability? – I’m truely out of my depth. Can you point me in the right direction of choosing a suitable enterprise application?

    Thanks, Enterprise-less

  • Dear LH,
    I’m always wary to buy new products, especially Apple ones, a certain amount of time after they’ve been released (typically around 6 months), as a new model is usually due before long and I don’t want to end up feeling like I have (or actually having) outdated hardware. What is the “sweet spot” in the time since release you can recommend buying by?

  • Hi Lifehacker,
    Can you do a Solar Panel roundup? Not just the panels but also the inverters, and what you are likely to get. I have been contemplating putting in a 5 KW system, and would like to know the best company on the market, not too expensive, but great equipment. 🙂


  • My question: what would be the best phone/tablet to give a kid as their first ‘device’ – and what software should be on it… and what can be done to kiddie-proof the device!

  • Dear Life Hacker,

    I am currently on Centrelink (bit the bullet because I have not be able to gain any sort of employment in anyway over the past 3 years) I don’t have much in the way of expenses, apart from weekly contributions to the household. I have plans on saving my money for a trip overseas either end of this year or start of next year, and I know Centrelink will not allow me to have more than ~$3,000 in my bank account, and if I have more than that they will automatically cut my payments off.
    So I was wondering what’s the smartest way to save my extra cash that I don’t plan on spending that I want to save for this overseas trip? Do I just widthdraw it and keep in a sack under my mattress or should I see about an alternative bank account under my own name at a different bank? or ask one of my parents to house it in theirs?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I need to get a passport just I have one issue when it comes to the registration part, neither parents have a passport (never left the country) and neither have their birth certificates, I need one of those when applying, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle. Is there anything I can do short of getting my father to apply for a transcript of his birth certificate (he can easily provide 100 points of ID (where as mum cannot, never held a drivers license etc..) my aim is to get one in the coming months, since I wish travel later this year.


  • dear lifehacker,
    i’d be really interested in reading the answer to the job satisfaction question. even if he doesnt win, could you please answer his query? i’m 35 and a single mum, and i have zero job satisfaction, but i earn good money for little effort, so its difficult to let go of my job. also, i have no idea what i want to do, which makes looking for a new job even trickier…. anyway, actual question….
    what is the best over the counter pain killer? and also, why do they sell fast acting pain killers, why dont they just make all painkillers work fast?

    • I hope you don’t mind me giving you one answer to your question.

      You can get non prescription panadeine forte (not as potent as the prescription stuff) from most chemists, if you’re not allergic to codeine, i’ve found those to be the best. Great for when you have a horrible headache they also make sleeping easier when you have a sickness of some sort, the flu being one i’ve used them to help combat.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I have an android phone and a television with USB and HDMI ports. My kids are desperate to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who but they don’t want to crowd around the small screen on my phone. What’s the easiest way to watch iView through my television?

  • Dear Lifehacker

    Considering we spend a third of our lives doing it and without it our quality of life suffers… so how about an article titled, “Sleep Hacker”?

    I have noticed over the years numerous articles about apps to assist with sleep, why your mind is active prior to sleep etc, but it would be fantastic to read an all encompassing article on how we can best prepare ourselves for sleep (hardware, mental state, etc), What ideal sleep looks like, and the effects it will have on our lives overall, and maybe highlight what we could potentially be doing wrong so as not to achieve ideal sleep and things to look out for to identify possible sleep disorders etc.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Is it possible to set up two monitors in different orientation (one in portrait, one in landscape) in my office computer? It’s currently running on Citrix connecting to windows using a thin client and not a desktop.


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    If u could have one weapon to survive a zombie apocalypse for 5 years, what would it be ? This can be any weapon, from any story / movie / or real life.


  • Dear Lifehacker
    I’m seeing quite a bit of news about bitcoin, the virtual currency. There are a lot of mixed opinions about mining bitcoins as a source of income, is this something I should look into if I have some spare cash lying around?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Around mid way through 2011 I bought a Samsung nexus s. I loved that phone for the beast that it was when it came out but as of current I’ve been experiencing some serious lag issues. As in a full 5 seconds between pressing home and anything happening. My question is, “Is there anything I can do to prevent or reduce lag on an android phone? Or is my best bet just to save my money for a month or 2 to be able to afford a totally new one?”

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    With the rise of 4K HDTVs should I upgrade to a new TV with 4K resolution, or should I wait for the technology to become more mainstream? Is there any real viewing differences between current standards and the new 4K standards?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I’m moving house in a few months, do I need to get a new Internet plan or can I continue using my current one? Is there anything I should know about NBN in my area?

  • Dear lifehacker,
    I recently bought a new ASUS Padfone 2 which is a brilliant concept from ASUS which im afraid the other big guns have not yet caught on to make something similar! Was deeply in LOVE with the phone only to reaslise that it wont work on the 850MHz frequency. My QUESTION? are there any hardware/software hacks that could possibly enable a phone to operate on a different frequency? Otherwise, I will have to give this phone away. A solution will definitely benefit many people in the same shoes. If not my next bet is the HTC ONE :)…

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I need your help to decide. Would the new Atom powered Win 8 touchscreen tablets have the grunt to handle tasks in photoshop and some programming in Visual Basic and Excel VBA? What factors should be considered in the trade off between the more powerful i5 tablets and the longer battery life of the Atom powered tablets?

  • If you had X-Ray vision, and could see through anything, wouldn’t that mean you would in fact see through everything and actually see nothing?


  • Dear Lifehacker,
    How can I achieve inexpensive but good lighting for video production and filming using things from local stores like Bunnings Warehouse?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I am thinking of getting NBN in my house but I am a bit concerned what speed of NBN that I should get ona WIFI network. What is the maximum speed I can expect from WIFI and which speed of NBN should I get? I don’t want to pay for speed that is faster than my ability to stream to my devices!
    Thanks Champs

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    With all the talk about BitCoin and half the internet going crazy, I can’t help but wonder “What’s the big deal?” Should we be paying closer attention or is this gonna blow over sometime in the near future?. Could you please shed some light on this?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    My partner and I regularly find ourselves in different countries from each other for various amounts of time, sometimes just a couple of weeks weeks and at other times much longer, as is the case at the moment with us not seeing each other for almost a year. What ways can you suggest we utilise modern technology, beyond the obvious video chat, to keep our relationship interesting over these long periods apart?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    So I’ve read all of your meditation articles but I still have a problem with focus. When I’m working or doing anything that requires concentration there is always something stuck in my head, whether that be a song or a conversation. I’ve heard of techniques like imagining you are breathing green smoke out of your left nostril and orange out of your right to clear your mind.
    Any Lifehacker tips on clearing your mind?

    Yours sincerely,

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I am very fond of the FIFA series of games by EA sports, but I absolutely suck at them. Could you or any of your friends over at Kotaku give any advice on how to become better at them.
    – Bad at FIFA

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    How do you justify buying into an ecosystem/new OS?

    I remember for my first smartphone, I had the option to go with the iphone (just in its prime) or Android (nexus one). I opted for the Nexus one, because well I just didn’t like IOS. Realistically, my needs seem rather simple, and any ecosystem/OS would serve me well.

    A few years down the track, WebOS really caught my eye, the integration between all its devices seemed really good. WebOS appealed to me and I was ready to jump over. Then they had firesales and it was all over before I could do anything.

    While there isn’t anything WRONG with Android, i’m looking to go elsewhere for kicks. When do you think the best time to do this is? When the ecosystem has a certain amount of users? When it meets all the features you need (no matter how far fetched they may be)?

  • Dear Lifehacker
    I’m currently stuck with an old Nexus S which still struggles on despite having past its prime 18 months ago. The new HTC One has caught my eye as a future replacement, especially as it was HTC that exposed me favourably to the Android ecosystem in the first place 3 years ago.

    Do you have any advice on how best to win one?

    Sore Loser

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Where I live is directly underneath a flight path and have (occasionally) noisy neighbours. I’d like to be able to sound-proof my home, however, I am currently renting and most commercial options seem to require major modifications to the property.

    My question is what options are available for me to be able to block out some of the noise so I can sleep in past 6am?

  • Dear lifehacker,

    I’m a musician who enjoys recording and mucking around on garageband. After many good years my MacBook recently died. I don’t have the funds to replace it however I have a 3 year old PC and a tablet (HP touch pad running android). Could you please give a in depth run down on the best garagband alternatives on PC and android options.


  • Dear LIfehacker,
    I have recently got into 3D printing having bought a Solidoodle 3D printer. I bought it online from the US including 1 spool of printing filament. I am now ready for more colours and have had a look at a couple Australian suppliers of 3D printing parts and filaments but was not sure if the quicker delivery time is worth the price. Long and short – what is the state of 3D printing and suppliers in Oz and is it worth buying locally.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    How far ahead into the future should I be planning?

    Life is much more comfortable when we know whats coming up ahead, or at least what direction we want to head, unfortunately life is also so full of twists and turns that I often find myself at a loss when planning for things to come. The job market shifts, countries develop, people change, your death is inevitable. Do I set myself that dream job and take the narrow path that might lead me there, forsaking other options along the way? Do I plan the perfect family and the perfect home before even entering a relationship and look for partners who will lead me there? When do I start writing my will?

    Should I even be worried about these things now and focus instead of what gratifies me in the present day and time?

    Also, can I plan these sort of things on the HTC One?

    Sincerely, Anxious

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Should I use automatic parking for my car? Is it safe enough, or should I just spend a bit more time parking it manually?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I am currently a high school student and ever since Gizmodo posted about the first song to be recorded in space, I have been researching about the different space agencies and the history of space flight as well as following Chris Hadfield on Google+ and Facebook. It has inspired me to learn more about space.

    So I’ve been wondering…
    How can I become an astronaut? Especially since Australia doesn’t launch people into orbit around the Earth, what would be the best path to take in joining those inspirational people aboard the International Space Station? Which high school subjects would help me achieve this goal?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’m very curious about how people design and write programs for Super Computers.

    We love to admire the power and advantages in efficiency that each new Super Computer brings, but it would be interesting to hear from programmers that have that massive amount of computation at their fingertips.

    Are they using it for good? Evil? To calculate the exact volume of air in a standard packet of chips?
    I’d like to know.


  • Dear LifeHacker,

    I’ve just started studying again after years and I’m trying to stay on top of the notes. I’ want to go paperless, but I don’t know what software is available to help me get there.

    I want to be able to draw diagrams, store in the cloud, have things neatly organised and have everything searchable. I also want a clean way to organise my journal articles without printing them.


  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Recently I have been having problems with my ipad and Macbook Pro. I would like to take them to get some help from someone who is trustworthy and certified, however in my area there are no apple stores. I also want to send one of my apple products for a repair under the warranty but dont know where since there are no official apple stores. How can people living in areas where there are no apple stores get their apple products repaired, or seek advice on how to fix a problem?

    Yours Truly,
    A Concerned Apple User

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’m a pretty keen amateur photographer and I’m looking to upgrade my DSLR in the near future. Prices and features have changed heaps over the last couple years and I am considering a full frame camera. Can you explain the difference between a full frame and a crop frame camera to me and advise if the extra cash is worth it? Will my old lenses even work on a full frame camera?

    Thanks, Camera-confused.

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Nowadays the rule of malware among computers is rapidly increasing, with almost all computers out there having an anti-virus installed on them. But really, “Do I need an anti-virus?”. No, no please don’t stop reading thinking that this is a typical question that you hear every day, but when you think about it, anti-virus seems like a gimmick! Windows 8 was introduced with the assurance of Steve Ballmer, that this version of Windows would be the most secure one, due to the incorporation of ‘Microsoft Essentials’ within the operating system. But still there are anti-virus companies out there who still are attempting to sell their products to the unknown consumers by making them seem like they are vulnerable to the vicious claws of malware. I’ve also heard that viruses are created by the anti-virus companies themselves to sell their products. So ultimately we reach a question that “Where does a malware come from?” and “Are antiviruses just not a gimmick to make people buy it?”.
    Thanks, Anti-money spender on wasteful things.

  • What’s the best way to manage multi iOS devices? We have 2 iPhones plus 1 dead that might get revived, 1 old touch and an iPad 2 all off 1 log in, and my wife wants her apps, music contacts separate from mine. How do I do it!

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Is the current trend of LED lighting really the way forward for energy efficiency or should we be looking at the amount of equipment we use and find other ways to reduce energy consumption?
    Stephen Dean

  • Dear lifehacker,

    I’m currently at uni in Melbourne studying a bachelor of information technology. My end goal and aim is to work doing windows or Unix systems administration at a large company or university itself. So far though a lot of the skills I’ve acquired don’t seem very useful in a corporate environment and since I assume a lot of stuff is trained on the job and specific to the company, I’m wondering is it all worth it for the bit of paper that says I have a degree?

    A guy who hates wasting time. 🙂

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I would like to make an app for my school. I was thinking of including these features:

    A map of the school with highlighted locations of staff rooms,
    Live feed of announcements,
    Links to edmodo (a school version of Facebook) to ask teachers about homework, assessments, test dates etc.
    A digital school timetable

    What do I need or should know beforehand? What programs do I require? And most importantly, is it illegal to make an app for your school when you’re a student?

    Sincerely, Go Big or Go Back to School.

  • Dear lifehacker,
    I recently got married but have encountered my first challenge to wedded bliss. As much as I try, for the life of me I cannot remember to put the toilet seat down. The repercussions for this apparently heinous act are getting progressively worse. What started as a cheeky dig from the wife has grown into a punishable by death offence after a recent late night trip to the bathroom went wrong with her falling in.
    Any suggestions would be much cheaper then marriage counselling.

    Sincerely yours,

    “Currently Living” Husband

  • Dear lifehacker,

    I would love to know your opinions on the must have home theatre options such as TV’s, speakers etc – either on a budget or best no matter what, and what you guys use and like! Also, how do you use your Ipad as a remote control?

    Thanks guys!

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I have followed You long enough to objectively state that You are one of the best sites with helping people with every kind of stuff through Your guidance, but I still do not see enough topics about self-development (I am really interested in that subject) so here my question:

    How can I improve my person’s skill set that would be very useful in looking for job and coping with failure?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    Following the release of HTC’s ‘One’ which is full of the latest technology, gadgets and is finished to a High specification, what trends in technology can we expect regarding mobile phones and other gadgets in 2014 and further years to come?
    Are there revolutnary plans for technology in coming years, a new concept to communication maybe?

    Thanks, ben1311 🙂

  • Dear lifehacker
    I have been an iPhone user for a couple of years now and lately the only thing my phone has been doing is freezing, getting out of apps, calling random numbers and making my very frustrated with its new iOS 6 software which can’t be backdated
    I have become very interested in the htc one smartphone. Being a hairdresser my phone is of the utmost importance to keep connected via phone and computer.
    I would like to find out more about the htc one and the benefits of htc and android software.
    Will it give me easy quick access to important apps and information needed for my business and personal? Is it easy to use? If there is a problem what’s the best way to solve it?
    I hope to hear back soon

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I have an old PC that I want to turn into a Home Theatre PC. What are some nifty HTPC programs and which one would you recommend?

  • I love technology and politics.So my question is how can i use technology to ‘stop the boats’,’repeal the carbon and mining taxes’,’rewind the Gonski reforms’,’cripple the NBN rollout’,’return enormous Super tax breaks to the wealthy ‘ and still get home in time for dinner with my wife and daughters.

  • Dear Life hacker,

    I heard that raspberry pies are an awesome tiny little device.
    I have heard from someone that its possible to install windows 7 on it.
    ( there are windows versions called windows 7 lite and all available on torrents, which comes as slim versions of windows .)
    So my question would be , if i do get win 7 installed on it.
    can it be used for browsing Internet and MS word everyday like a normal pc.
    or will it fail or lag because it cannot handle that much load of work for daily usage.


  • Dear Lifehacker
    In anticipation of the imminent TV analog signal switch off, I decided to join the 21st century and buy a TV that can receive digital signals! Only problem is, I want to connect my old (2007) laptop to my new TV, but my new TV only has HDMI inputs and my old laptop doesn’t have HDMI outputs. Is there any way of adding HDMI to my old laptop? (It has USB ports, VGA out, S-video out, and an ExpressCard 54mm slot – does anyone use them any more?!)
    Mixing Old And New

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Where can I find inspiration?
    I need some inspired question to ask Lifehacker, so I can win that gorgeous new HTC One…

    – Assaph

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’m currently trying to decide between repairing my old laptop, which is four years old, and will cost ~$80 to fix, or buying a new ultrabook for around $1200.
    My main usage is for uni, but I’m also keen to have new hardware (weird, right?). I wonder if you could bring any arguments or options I may have missed to the fore.

    New or Used

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I love cloud storage and the options that it offers so obviously I am considering the chromebook and other devices like it but I have reservations whether we are at a stage yet where we can be truly effective on the cloud, whether it is a neurosis regarding reliability or a fear of making the move, I just dont feel comfortable yet.

    Am I right to feel unsure or totally missing the point?

    Kind regards.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    You guys came up with a really good way to find out what kind of articles your readers would like you to write about by offering a phone. 😀

    I really struggle with procrastination and am a medical student. How can I try and overcome this?


  • Dear Lifehacker,

    There has been a lot of development in the world of stem cell research in the last decade. We are planning to have a baby and would like to know if there is merit in having little bub’s placenta and umbilical cord place into a cord blood bank or is this just consumerism at work?

    baby planner

  • Ask LK: What to look for when buying a house?

    Hi LH,
    My partner and I are finally taking the plunge and buying our first home. We have been to the banks and learnt all about loans and financing, but now that we’re looking for an actual house, we’ve found ourselves bombarded with buzz words (charming, renovators dream, cosy etc.) and over-enthusiastic realtors.

    We’d like to know, what are the main things we should be looking for when inspecting an older house? And what sort of work would easy enough to do by ourselves without a contractor?

    We don’t want a house fraught with problems, but we’re quite handy and wouldn’t mind a house with only a few things that we could fix up ourselves. Thanks, Helpless Homeless Handyman.

  • Dear Lifehacker, I’ve had some situations that have required me to set up a satellite internet connection in various area of the country to circumvent 3G congestion issues for larger, regional events. From time to time, it is nearly impossible to get the satellite aligned, but once connected, the dish can be moved almost recklessly without losing connection – why is that the case? Additionally, why is it so that satellite signals differ so greatly in strength between regional and urban areas?

  • Lifehacker,

    I am raising my 16 year old teenage girl on my own (i’m a 46 yr old male) and would like some information and/or advice regarding the delicate issue of teens exposed to the big bad world via the internet and mobile phones. Specifically porn and cyber bullying. Sadly there have been some tragic cases relating to this issue. Should I just leave it to the school and the universe to sort it out or should I be much more proactive ?


  • Dear LH,

    I’ve used a Mac for years and I’m used to Time Machine. I’m thinking of switching to a Windows 8 machine soon, but I can’t find anything that combines the reliability and ease of use of Time Machine for Windows. Is there something that will make regular, silent and reliable incremental backups easily, and would it work with my Time Capsule?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    As it looks likely that there will be at least some homes with fibre connections (though perhaps not as many nor as soon as previously thought) can the requirement for all “in home” networks to be installed by certified installers be justified? A major reason given for this requirement is that it protects the copper network (and anyone working on it) from electic shocks caused by poor installation of any networks connected to it. Fibre removes this risk. Do you see this regulation being changed (or at least relaxed in some form) or is it likely that the claims that it’s primarily a “job creation” regulation have some truth in them?

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I’ve been trying to think of a good way to clean the narrow floor spaces in my small apartment, eg between oven and cupboard, or washing machine and shower, both only about 3cm wide. Any improvement on wrapping up a piece of wire?

  • Greetings Lifehacker,

    Would you kindly come for my birthday party in Brisbane on the 23rd of April 2013? Drinks and snacks are on the house. Please let me know..

    ps: I REALLY need a new phone

    Party Boy

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    In my home there are 3 computers and numerous other wifi devices connected to our home network and each device holds it’s own media. I want to be able to sync as much as possible of this media from the devices for ease of access between devices and for centrally backing up. Does such a solution exist? I may be able to dedicate one of the computers to this task if that’s what it takes. The computers are all Win7 and mobile devices are Android and iOS.


    • I’ve just finished working on something similar to your needs. I have a few laptops, gaming PC, iPads and iPhones, plus WD TV Live and a PS3 – I wanted to link them all so music/video could be streamed around the house and shared across devices.
      I had a Netgear Stora(dont waste your money) but it failed and was replaced – I dont have it setup again though, I now have the HDD’s in the server.
      I had some spare PC components laying around and bought a new case to put together a file/media server. I use FreeNAS but there are plenty of other solutions including a Linux Distro with dedicated software.
      It can take some time to get it all setup as you require but its worth it.

  • I would love to see a piece on what measures to take in the event of contact with Aliens. Bound to happen eventually, just want to be prepared for it. 🙂

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I’m not much of a green thumb and would like to ‘down size’ my garden. What hacks do you have for getting rid of the unwanted without killing the whole garden. The last time I tried getting rid of weeds I used a bit of garden poision and ended up killing a nearby tree.
    Garden Fiend

  • Dear lifehacker.

    I keep seeing all your various articles on “Keeping organised” and such, with helpful apps and things as suggestions on how to make my life more organised…
    And this year, doing my honours I’m finding myself less and less able to keep organised with just my head, but I just can’t integrate these to do list apps and calendars and such into my life. I really don’t know what to do here as I need to at least get some more organisation and planning in.

    Less than honourable honours student.

  • Dear lifehacker,
    How can I stop procrastinating by reading life hack tips and actually put all the hundreds of ‘helpful’ information into practice?
    Sincerely, Too many helpful tips makes me lazy.

  • Dear lifehacker,

    I am 21 years old and i’ve recently become homeless – I am also flat broke – i’m talking less than $100 to my name. What can one do to overcome youth homelessness and where can someone who faces this problem go to get help?


  • Hey Lifehacker,

    I recently bought an LG Smart TV with my brother and sister but we can’t get internet on it without the official (expensive) wifi dongle, is there any way we could root the TV into accepting a generic dongle or somehow using our raspberry pi to optimize our experience and get DLNA streaming?

    ~Dumb Smart TV owner

  • I’ve got nothing… Does The One have better battery life than my hopeless One XL? even with juice defender it still sucks major juice.. also the ringer speaker being on the back is a terrible idea

  • Dear Life Hacker,

    I have recently built my dream hackintosh, i5 3570k in a g5 case. Unfortunately i ran short on funds and had to cut some things out like a SSD & GPU. In this day and age where Intel CPU’s have become so advance, do i really need to buy a dedicated graphics card? What does my computer really lack in comparison to one with a mid-range gpu?


  • HI lifehacker,

    I am a fan of DVD and have a large collection but want to move to online rentals for convenience. I need the subtitles that are present on most DVD discs but most of the services I have tried either don’t have subtitles or I can’t find where to turn them on. What is a legal source of English captioned movies with a decent range in Australia? How can I tell if the movie I want It is captioned before I rent?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I’ve had the same mobile phone (an old Samsung Star) for five or six years. The sole thing it’s good for is texting and calling, as well as providing emergency internet access if there’s no wifi in the area. However, in conjunction with my iPod Touch, it’s been fine, and I haven’t needed it for anything else as my Touch does all the work.

    Lately, though, I’ve been looking into purchasing a new mobile to reduce the number of devices I need, combining the capabilities of my iPod and old phone. However I’m also considering a tablet (Android-based, preferably) solely due to the fact that I’d also like the ability to download and read magazines without destroying my eyes from the squinting. Is there any solution that combines these capabilities in one device without being horribly awkward to answer calls on due to size, or should I stick with my old phone and just get a separate tablet?

    Severely Outdated Phone User

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I got a Netgear modem router from Dodo (Netgear DGN 1000), and i often got lost connectivity from my laptop. What i normally do then, i disconnect from the router and re-connect again, and i could browse. This is getting annoying as it happens quite often, even after i reconnect, and when i watch youtube, it often to not be able to lost its connectivity again. The wireless bar is still full, but i can’t browse anything. I wonder if it is the router issue, or is it something else. Could you explain why and how should i solve this problem. Oh by the way, the distance between my laptop to the router is not that far away (probably within 4 meters range, but there is a wall in between). Thanks for taking time to answer my question.

    Many Thanks,

    The OneWhoCuriosToKnow

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I am only 24 years old, and was just wondering how important is life insurance, private health insurance, and income protections for me right now? If it only has a low priority, when should it become a high priority?
    Thanks not-so-insured.

  • Dear Lifehacker, I’m new to train commuting and have been pondering the best seat direction to sit in on the train. I’m preferring a rearward facing seat at the moment because in an accident the seat will brace my body keeping me in the same position. I may have a bit of whiplash but am unlikely to have the head injuries that those in forward facing seats have succumbed to when they fly out of their seats; unless they fly into me? Perhaps backwards facing at the rear of the carriage? Which carriage though? Does the crumple effect mean the back carriage has a less sudden stop then the front ones, meaning less injuries?
    Yours with questions

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    What are my rights if I move house and my mobile broadband speed is severely impacted due to the area? Am I left paying the contract for a device that is still useable, but getting virtually dial-up speeds?
    Mr 56k

  • Hi Life hacker

    I have alot of different online activities. What would be the best way to combine or organize all those various activities; so I can keep track of my e-book reading, my different online storage options, various emails and online personas?

    Kardel from Work computer

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    How do you deal with bad neighbors when living in a unit? We are renting but they own theirs, so can we take our grievances to the body corporate or our agent, or do we just have to grin and bare it?

    Fed Up

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I have a two year old who is addicted to the iPad.
    Technically I have two questions.
    1. Is there such a thing as Rehab for “device addiction”?
    2. Is 2 too young to send to rehab?


    Concerned/Irritated/Frustrated/If I hear “ipadipadipadipadipad” one more time it’s going out the window/Loving Father

  • Hi Lifehacker,

    What kind of advice would you give to a 20 year old guy trying to find a job in a small country town?
    I’ve tried everything I can in regards to sprucing up my resume, but with little job experience and no way to gain any, is there any way to make myself more employable? Am I doomed to working in fast food and odd jobs for the rest of my life, or can I find substantial employment with no real experience in anything with just a bit of gusto and determination?
    Unemployed and starving.

  • Hi Lifehacker, Goatboy In Need here.

    Ever since I was a wee small lad, I have dreamt of sharing my life with a family of dark speckled goats. I live in the city with a relatively small yard – pool included. Can you please tell me of any goat breed that mostly comes with dark speckles, prefers to live in the city and enjoys swimming?

    With a HTC One, you can be assured I would take the most awesome photo portraits of my new family and would gladly share them with you! 🙂

  • Hi I just started work with a new company and received a monster desktop replacement laptop that weighs 5 kg!. can you tell me what is the best business class high end windows laptop with discrete graphics, that wont break my back?

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    Why don’t zombies eat each other? If they were hungry all the time surely they would consume each other. This is a big flaw in all zombie films right? Or is there an explanation for this behaviour?


  • Dear Lifehacker,
    The internet has been around for more than twenty years now and has established itself quite well into society as it is slowly being implemented into almost every electronic product imaginable (lights, phones, ovens etc). I was wondering how the internet actually works (as apposed to the “big WAN” explanation) and how ISP’s can give individuals access to the internet.
    Thanks, Confused about networks

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I was wondering what kind of job a 15-year-old like me could get to replace my blackberry curve with a phone such as the HTC one? And not a job that’ll take me forever to earn the money.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I just finished my first month of my first full time job after graduation. I studied solar engineering in hope of bringing the technology to the public but ended up as an energy efficiency consultant. I don’t know if it’s just because I am young and new to meaningful employment or because it is different from my degree but will I ever feel like I know what I am doing? Or is life essentially an exercise in learning how to get better at making calculated risks?

    Always pondering,
    Fresh Graduate

  • I’d like to see something informative. Something that’ll educate readers. For example, “why doesn’t Google have infinite scrolling? It’s an emerging ICT trend that’ll benefit users and business'”.

  • Dear Lifehacker, can you tell us about the latest but accessible home automation, and keyless entry systems, including retrofitting options? thank you. and I love you. and I would really like the HTC One also.

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I recently bought a used car, so I see a lot of trips to the mechanic in my future. Mechanics are among the most notoriously over-charging professions. How do I ensure I keep my bills fair and low?



  • I’ve been considering switching from Qwerty to Dvorak as I’ve read about potential typing speed improvements. I’d love to know more about other peoples’ experiences in making the switch. Was it worth the time to re-learn? What were the potential downsides? Did you make the change on your mobile device as well? Etc.

  • I like music, and would like to have a music player in most areas of the house – kitchen, bedroom, nursery, and living room in my situation. Ideally all of these would be the same type of system, so they could all be controlled and sync’ed the same way, and have access to the same library and streaming services. I previously would have gone for a few Squeezebox Radios (I have one in the bedroom), but these are now defunct. Are there any small, self-contained systems like this, where I could throw one in each room, access my existing music library, as well as streaming services and online radio stations? And also one that would fit in with the living room hifi? Or should I just get some bluetooth speakers and play everything from my smartphone?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    With all the IT Outsourcing that is happening and pay-scale in every domain dropping to all time low. Is it advisable to stick in IT industry at all? what should i be doing to Improve my Pay (Rather then taking a pay-cut year after year even though my experiences and IT Job profile is improving?)

  • HTC One will change my life because people in my town don’t have that new stuff,we get the new stuff 1 month after the rest of the world,so it will be good to have something new before the others,it will change my life because it is a wonderful phone that has amazing camera,crystal clear screen and a blasting speakers which will take me to a whole new level of using technology,it will change my life because I’m not used of expensive stuff like the HTC One,or any other new smartphone,also I’m studying photography and this phone is perfect for taking amazing photos,the camera has so many features its like a professional camera in your pocket,it will be good to have something different for a change. 🙂

  • Dear LifeHacker,

    Is it a good idea to own gadgets (think mobile phone, tablet, computers etc) from the same camp? Been thinking of switching from an iPhone to an Andriod (HTC One, specifically). But I use a Macbook & is planning to purchase an iPad in the near future.

    Just wondering if owning gadgets across different ecosystems would drive my life into a mess with me trying to tinker with + synchronise these gadgets & getting them to work together seamlessly.

    Hopefully LifeHacker’s experienced editors with their endless list of gadgets to review will be able to give me an insight to this! Thanks!

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    Everyone, myself included, seems to have a case of too much to accomplish and not enough time. I was wondering how one can overcome this problem by making more happen in less time. I came across an idea called Polyphasic Sleep which seems to suggest that if a person sleeps in short segments throughout the day, they end up spending less time sleeping and more time working! I’d like to see this tried out by someone from LH, or if not, maybe whether energy drinks do help you get more done – at least from a … damn, gotta run. I’ll finish this later.

  • So I just moved into an apartment. There wasn’t anybody living in this basement apartment before us, it was just recently turned into an apartment and completely (newly) finished as a living area. The small problem so far is having box elder bugs coming into the unit. I personally believe that with some of the gaps in the windows and door areas we’re going to have a lot more crawling insects in the unit when the snow melts. Are there any natural insect repellents that will take care of more than one type of crawling insect? Like spiders, centipedes, box elder bugs, and any other unwanted guests?

  • Dear Lifehacker, my neighbour has 2 cats which she always keeps outside. They spend most of their time living in our yard, digging up the vegie patch and flowers, and pooing on and around our vegetables. How can we discourage them from being in our yards?

  • Dear Lifehacker,

    I need some help with socializing. I know this might be a stupid question to ask but it’s true, I don’t think I’m very sociable and really need some help with it. How would you first approach a person and go from acquaintance to a very good friend. How would you make others think that you a very nice and trustworthy person. But most of all how do you have many friends. Please I need some help with this, my whole social life depends upon it.

    An unsociable citizen

  • Dear lifehacker, what is the best solution to choosing a career when you have too many that you like? This goes from computers, music, art, and videogames, but I dont know what to choose.

  • Dear life hacker
    how do i make it so that everything i download on my HTC desire goes to my micro SD card? because i have about 15 GB of data left, and i don’t want to waist it.

  • Dear Lifehacker,
    I am an avid runner and love to keep up to date on all things to do with fitness tech. However as I am a student I often cannot afford to buy expensive gear to track my fitness. Is there any affordable ways to track my improvement without necessarily using products like FitBit or other fitness trackers. Thanks for your help. =p

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