What’s Your Social Network Of Choice?

What’s Your Social Network Of Choice?

These days, we have more social networks available to us than we can swing a Photoshopped cat picture at. Which do you use regularly?

There are plenty of social networks available to you and more new contenders on the way almost every day. Facebook is numerically dominant, Twitter gets a lot of media attention, Instagram is filled with pretty pictures, LinkedIn can be good for your career, and Google+ is still churning away. But we’re wondering: which social networks do you actually find useful, as opposed to having an account you never touch? Tell us your faves (and your never-used options) in the comments.


  • Google+
    It is so much easier to customize and use. If it wasn’t for a few die hard facebook friends who won’t switch I would have deleted that account ages ago.

    • I wish it was “a few die hard facebook friends” that wouldn’t make the switch… barely any of my friends have made the switch =(
      Though to be honest; what that tends to mean is that my Google+ stream only receives more technical posts (since its all the technically minded friends that have made the switch) which is a good thing.

      • Same here. 95% of my friends are joined at the hip to Facebook, although a good dozen ‘gave it up’ as a New Year’s Resolution and have stayed away. It means I can’t leave yet.

        I use G+ for chasing tech interests (Android/IT/Tech stories/Google developments)
        Facebook is to see who got married/had kids/got drunk over the weekend
        Twitter is my political soapbox/breaking news/sporting passions outlet

        I really love the G+ app on Android – fast, smooth, easy to navigate – I wish I could meld all my social stuff there.

  • I use FB (sparingly) simply because it’s where everyone is but after playing around with G+ I’d really rather dump FB entirely and switch over. If only my friends and family were on G+….

  • I used to use twitter and facebook but since Google+ came along I’ve dropped twitter completely and rarely use facebook any more.

    G+ has just the mix I really enjoy where I feel I have total control of what I look at and receive, there just seems to be a lot of very interesting people and communities to follow and the layout is very easy on the eye with no intrusive ads on the side or “suggested pages clogging my news feed”

  • None of them! I was with Twitter but I closed that account down 4 weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. I have better things to do with my time.

  • I use FB because it is where people are but for preference I like to use G+. Has a much better feel to it than FB.
    I also still use Live Journal and Deviant Art for some journaling stuff. Both are very god for large posts that the other two can’t cope as well with.

  • Facebook for interacting with my uni/work/life friends, almost exclusively people I’ve met face to face. Tumblr for loose friends I’ve made online, as that’s mostly fandom related. Twitter is for fandom friends I’ve become closer with, and for celebrity tracking. Google + is basically unused, despite having so much promise. I sometimes update my LinkedIn, but there’s not much to do there yet.

    I maintain the opinion that Google+ would have had a much better time taking off if it hadn’t had a frustrating invite-only stage that ended up driving people away.

  • While I love Facebook, I think Twitter is the most important social media platform today, and its popularization was actually the biggest technological paradigm shift in modern society since the mobile phone.

  • Google+ for sure. I still have a Facebook account, but 90% of the posts are rubbish (shares from pages with titles like “OMG FUNNIEST VIDEOS!” or someecards.com images). And the people who post them, are the ones who post important stuff too, or I can’t remove because they’re blood relatives.

    The problem seems to be that people think nobody is on Google+. And I always ask them “If a ship was on fire and nobody else knew about it, would you evacuate, or wait because nobody else had left yet?”.

    Most of the people in my Google+ circles are photographers (such as MySpace Tom. Seriously, check out his photos. They’re really good) or other tech bigwigs (Vic Gundotra for one. Posts some good non-tech related stuff) so I get more intellectual satisfaction from G+ than I would from Facebook (I’m not kidding here).

    Plus if you click the “Explore” button, you discover all sorts of awesome things that you’d never find on any other social network (that I know of)

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