What's Your Best Ice Breaker When Meeting Someone New?

Meeting new people can be tricky — you don't know what to expect, and you want it to go as well as possible. So how do you break the ice? Even if don't care for the phrase "ice breaker", what's your go-to conversation topic or method for striking up a conversation with someone new?

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Yes, "breaking the ice" is a tough phrase. It's only a step away from "pick-up lines" on one side and "corporate-sponsored fun" on the other, but when you meet someone new, it's always good to have a go-to topic of conversation you're comfortable with when talking to someone new. Some people ask questions to get the other person talking ("So, what do you do?" or "What brings you out tonight?"). Other times, launching into a story of your own from current news or local news is way to get a genuine, interesting conversation going. So, what's yours? Let us know in the comments below.

What's Your Very Best Ice Breaker? [The Kitchn]


    Usually, I use a joke, or something interesting, related to the content of the location.

    I always say something random, or even better a series of random things impossible for normal people to follow, just for my own amusement xD

      Holy crap, there's more of us on the planet than I thought. Nice to meet you fellow self-enthusiast.

    I ask them a question, then listen to their answer and go from there. If their answer didn't provide enough to start talking from, I'll answer the question as if they'd asked me, and finish with something like "and what do you think?" or "you've probably heard of something similar?".

    I normally just say "12 Stone Penguin".......because that will always break the ice

    Hi I'm Tom, I work in a mortuary. They either love me of screw their face up.

    I usually make a funny observation based on the surroundings at the time or if it's a bar/restaurant, then it'll be something that the venue serves that I think they should give a try. I've had lots of interesting conversations spark up even from waiting in queues or when I'm sitting somewhere reading.

    I specifically try to avoid banal career questions, but if it's a business/conference thing I'm at then I don't mind.

    I start by talking about religion and politics, then i go from there...

    I wonder if simply saying "polar bear" would work... Other than that I have no ice breaker. I'm no good at making conversation.

    so, whats on for the weekend?

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