Turn An Old Car Stereo Into A Boom Box

Do you have an old car with a stereo that's still in good condition? IKEA hacker Stefano shows us how to put that stereo into a cabinet and keep it alive.

It looks like Stefano's using a BESTÅ shelf unit as the case, so it won't be a boombox in the most traditional sense — that is, you won't be able to carry it on your shoulder all '90s style — but you could at least save some money on a new stereo. You just need to gut the stereo unit, speakers and a few other components from your car to put it all together.

It even has a USB and iPod hookup for your tunes, although it might be even cooler to make it AirPlay-compatible with a Raspberry Pi. Hit the link to see more.

Boombox from car stereo [IKEA Hackers]


    Except it looks like rubbish. It's not like stereos or iPod docks are particularly expensive these days.

      Car stereos and speakers are designed to make big noise to drown out vehicle and traffic noise. One of these, built with a couple of nice 6x9s will drown out just about any portable radio/ipod dock bought for a comparable price. Great for parties. Really great for the beach if you make it portable.

    For anyone interested in this or a similar project, here's a couple of notes from my Esky stereo build:
    -Be aware that heavy bass put out from your speakers can/will cause your CDs to skip.
    -Aftermarket car antennas are cheap and can be mounted either internally or externally.
    -It's really easy to add a cigarette lighter port to plug in any phone or device chargers (Or a USB cable/charger as shown in his diagrams)
    -To make it portable, you can buy a portable car jump start kit and gut it, stealing the 12 volt SLA battery, the charger, and the volt meter.

    Functional but doesn't look the greatest. I made a car stereo boombox recently that people might want to take a look at.


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