Turn An iPad Retina Display Into A High-Resolution PC Monitor

The iPad's retina display offers one of the most pixel-dense screens you can buy, but unfortunately it's attached to your iPad and can't double as a high-resolution display for your PC. That is, unless you buy the part and convert it like Andrzej, an engineering student in Warsaw.

Andrzej found out that the display's part number was LP097QX1-SPA1 and found one on eBay for just $55. With a few experiments and some advanced wire-splicing, he was able to hook it up — at full resolution — to a standard PC with a standard DisplayPort connector. The DisplayPort connector was enough to power the screen, too. If you want to give this a try yourself, check out the full detail's on Andrzej's post.

Connecting an iPad retina LCD to a PC [EmerytHacks via DIY Photography]


    Does anyone know if that would or could be converted to a touch screen as well ?

      That is a great question. A touch screen HD monitor, albeit a small one, for only $55!

      Getting an iPad touch layer working under Windows probably wouldn't be too easy, but if you found a 3M capacitive touch overlay the same size as this you'd be on the money. This combined with an Intel NUC would make an awesome carputer :D

    No it cant be, it says in the original article that the touch panel is not on the monitor, and even if you bought one you would need a butt load of electronics it drive it.

    Last edited 26/04/13 8:11 am

      Correct - the touch digitiser is built into the glass panel.

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