Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves

Some life hacks require a complete how-to guide just to understand. Others are so genius in their simplicity that they speak for themselves. Here are 10 of our favourite self-explanatory MacGyver tricks.

10. Make Perfect Pancakes with a Squeeze Bottle

It doesn't have to be a ketchup bottle, any kind of squeeze bottle will work — including the kind you buy empty from the store.

9. Use a Post-It Note to Avoid a Drilling Mess

8. Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps

7. Remove a Stripped Screw with a Rubber Band

Then fix the hole with toothpicks.

6. Organize Anything with an Over-the-Door Shoe Holder

This works with anything from pantry items to cleaning products to gadgets, game controllers and even cables.

5. Create an Instant Snack Bowl from Any Snack Bag

Then eat the snacks with chopsticks to avoid getting the mess on your fingers, too.

4. Create Extra Shelf Space with a Tension Rod

Tension rods are great for oh-so-many things.

3. Organise Cables with Toilet Paper Tubes

It ain't pretty, but what cable organisation system is?

2. Use Soft Drink Can Tabs to Save Closet Space

You can use them to hang pictures, too.

1. Use Binder Clips as Cable Catchers

Really, binder clips are just a MacGyver hacker's dream.

We know there are a lot of others out there, so if you've got your own favourites, share them below!

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    8. Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps
    Why not just put the stuff directly into the bottle and be done with it it.?
    3. In the process of collecting bog rolls for that one. :)

    Last edited 21/04/13 10:23 am

      and exactly how do you propose to get Doritos into a plastic bottle?

        Well if you suck on 'em for awhile they go soft, so you could do it then :)

        Besides that, since when does a packet of Dorito's last long enough to warrant sealing! And good luck getting a decent seal around the bottle top with all that plastic or foil shoved through the thing?

          I've done this before, it works surprisingly damn well.

          Or you can, you know, just use a rubber band *shrug*

          Yeah if you've seen MacGyver lately I don't think he is leaving any Doritos in the bag.

            +1 internets for you, sir!

            laughed my arse off

    No. 3. If you arent using those cables for something, why have them at all?

      Because some of them are like $20 each and I hate spending $20 for something when i gk on holiday that I have already bought in the past.

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