Three Otherwise Worthless Items That Make Surprisingly Good Smartphone Stands

There's no shortage of objects you can use (such as the binder above) to create an impromptu stand for your smartphone. Along with the popular paper clip, here are three other items you can use to prop up your mobile.

The suggestions come to us via this article over at HackCollege, which includes helpful photos if it's not immediately apparent how, say, an empty dental floss box might make a decent stand. There's also an example of how an old cassette case and a gift card (or any throw-away plastic card) can transform into the perfect gadget cradle.

What's great about all of these is that you're likely to have one or more of them sitting around, if not already destined for the rubbish. Even if you don't have the aforementioned items on hand, they'd certainly make for a decent party trick.

4 Makeshift DIY Phone Stands for Your Desk [HackCollege]


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