Think Of Your Ideas Like They're Grenades

Getting started is everything. If you need a little help getting a jump start on your great big ideas, think of your ideas as grenades. The metaphor could help you overcome obstacles and actually get your idea off the ground.

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This infographic posted on Paid to Exist highlights how to reframe how you think about your ideas so you can make them successful. The key is immediate action. Like a grenade, if your ideas is going to be useful, you've got to put it out there (pull the pin and let go). Also, try not to hold onto the idea too tightly or wait for it too long. It won't explode in your face, but it'll hurt you by keeping you from actually starting anything.

Here's the whole graphic. (Click to expand or right-click to save.)

Why You Need to Start Now [Paid to Exist]


    I tried this and died. Thanks Lifehacker.

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