The Sennheiser OCX 685i Is A Great Set Of Workout-Oriented Headphones

We've looked at lots of great headphones and earbuds before, but you need something specific when you're working out. Our friends at the Wirecutter picked the Sennheiser OCX 685i as their favourite workout earphones. Here's why.

When you're looking for exercise headphones, you need more than just good sound. You also want something that's durable, stays on your head when you move around, and gives you some situational awareness (so you can hear cars coming before you turn into a road pancake). After reviewing a bunch of different earphones, Seamus Bellamny at the Wirecutter found the OCX 685i to be the best:

The 685i Sports produced, clear, crisp audio, with excellent highs and mid-range sound as well as the deep thumping bass you’ll want to keep your cadence up while doing road work or sweating yourself thin on a treadmill...

Not only do they sound great, the OCX 685i also offer a great amount of situational awareness so you can avoid getting run over by traffic. With the volume on my iPhone 5 set to approximately 60%, I was still able to hear cars coming up behind me from about a half block away. I was also able to carry on a conversation with my personal trainer while she tried to kill me with some time on the recumbent bike at the gym.

The 685i earphones retail for $99.95 in Australia. If you're looking for something cheaper, the Wirecutter has a list of the best options in a number of different price ranges. We haven't tested these ones ourselves, but you can hit the link below to check out the Wirecutter's very, very detailed review to see more — as well as the other great workout 'buds they recommend.

The Best Exercise Headphones [The Wirecutter]


    and at $100 AUD they should be the best.

    I liked the old 680 range, the price was finally starting to come down, and you could get it without the apple remote which doesn't work (OK, the up and down don't work) if you have an android phone.

    Last edited 24/04/13 11:02 am

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