The Minimal Earth Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader LivingstonTheThird modelled his home screen around a minimal space-themed wallpaper. It has plenty of widgets that blend in with the background as if they were there all along.

For this setup, you'll need:

LivingstonTheThird explains how it all works:

I fell in love with this "Minimal Earth" wallpaper, so I decided to design the rest of the phone around it. I'm using the Apex Pro app launcher to remove the notification bar and change the dock how I like. I use gestures to navigate to the app drawer and notifications as well as open alternate apps with my dock icons. The two little degree symbols on either side of the earth are circle launcher widgets with my most used apps; Google apps on the right, others on the left. The clock and planner are self explanatory and the weather widget is 1Weather.


    While it's a really cool looking UI, I'm not sure it quite falls into minimalist, there's a lot going on there.

      While that's true, I think it falls into the "minimalist" category because, while there is a lot of info on the screen, it's presented in a very clean way, and doesn't feel cluttered.

    I think the name is just in reference to the wallpaper. Still misleading though.

    is there a full step by step guide? id really like to use this for my homescreen

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