The Hidden Way To Zoom In Closer In Google Maps

Google Maps lets you zoom in pretty close for its mapped locations, but there's a secret way you might be able to zoom in even closer. Here's how.

Reddit user xythrowawayy revealed this trick when debunking another Redditor's claim of a murder happening near his house:

Start by going to somewhere on Google Maps, say,

Zoom in as far as it will let you by clicking on the "+" sign at the top of the magnification slider at the top left of the map.

When you're in as far as you can go (heh) but not all the way to street view (if the location you're looking at even has street view), look over at the white space just to the top left of the map....where the little printer and chain link buttons are.

Click on the chain "link" button. That will show you a box with a long URL to the map you are looking at and another box with some HTML code to embed. Ignore the HTML code.

Copy the long URL and paste it into your browser's address bar, but don't hit enter to go to that URL yet. Instead, click to edit it and scroll all the way to the right. It should end with something like "&z=22". Change the 22 to 23 ("&z=23") and hit enter. If Google Maps has imagery at that higher zoom level, it will show it to you.

I tried it with both the faux murder scene (which turns out to be two people with a wet dog) and the Empire State Building, and it works, much like other Google URL tweaks. It doesn't work for all locations, however. You're best bet is major cities. Xythrowawayy says you can view some high-res images for them not available to you by default.

A murder near my house on Google Maps, link in comments [Reddit via Huffington Post]


    Looks like an enlarged version of a previous zoom level rather than higher resolution. It seems you could just take a screenshot and enlarge it in your favourite image program for the same effect.

    Or just zoom in using Google Earth, MUCH less complicated

    You can skip the whole copy URL bit and just edit the current URL as it's the same. In the example they gave it just enlarged the previous zoom level's images with broken images overlaid... i.e. there were no higher res images.

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