The Difference Between LCD, LED, Plasma And OLED TVs, Explained As Fast As Possible

Flat-screen TVs have been around for a long time, but if you still aren't quite sure what the difference between each kind is, this video will explain each type as fast as possible.

Linus from Techquickie is back at it again, this time explaining the difference between the most common types of HDTVs on the market. In short: LCDs are inexpensive and work well in daylight, while LEDs provide truer blacks (but are more expensive). Plasmas also give truer blacks, but aren't as good in well-lit rooms, so they're best for dark home theatres.

We've discussed much of this before, but this video is a great primer on the basics (and a good one to share with your less tech-savvy friends). Once it's time to actually buy your TV though, you can read more details in our guide to different screen types and other TV specs.

LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED TVs as Fast As Possible [Techquickie]


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