The Cubicle With A Hidden Gaming System

Lifehacker reader JonesyVan's workspace looks like your typical cubicle. Hidden in the filing cabinet, however, is some serious entertainment for break times ("when Bossman decides to exit his office"): a wall-mounted TV and Xbox 360.

This is definitely one way to make your cubicle more comfortable and less boring, although for a similar set up you'd need that wall-mounted cabinet with a sliding door. (I'm not sure how long or how well you can hide this from your fellow cubicle dwellers either.)

JonesyVan also keeps entertained at his desk with a sevel-litre fish tank housing five Tetras and three snails, as well as a collection of Rubik's Cubes.


    Only if this was possible at my workplace, work/life balance could be met without leaving my desk lol

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    Oh and you also forget another thing that's needed. That you have to be the CEO?

    I would have thought it would be easier to upgrade the PC on the desk.

    Or if it's a notebook, swap it out for the personal machine.

    Which brings up another point - surely all the games played are single player? Is it not against every ISMF rule book known to man to plug "foreign devices" (ie those the network admins don't know about) into the network? Might be a bit hard to overcome the network firewalls with a xbox too.

    1st gen X360 in a confined space like this is a good way to make it Red Ring.

    Meh, My office has a theatre room with a HTPC, projector, 5.1 surround system, NES and Wii. Provided that the tasks for the day are accomplished (about 1-2 hrs worth per day tops) the staff are free to do as they will with their time. We generally have 1-1.5 hr lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day.

    That.. Does not look hidden in any way..

    My office has a Wii, and a gaming PC xD

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