The Checkout Takes Our Suggestion And Features Helen Wellings

When we interviewed Julian Morrow from ABC TV's The Checkout when the show launched a couple of weeks ago, we suggested the show would have to incorporate TV legend Helen Wellings at some point. Tonight it's happening.

TV Tonight notes that the episode of The Checkout going out at 8pm tonight includes "a special cameo from Helen Wellings in this week's F.U.Tube – the segment where The Checkout's viewers send us their gripes". We're looking forward to it.

Another reason to keep watching: I'll be popping up myself briefly as a guest expert on The Checkout in a few weeks, and my outfit is truly a thing to behold.

The Checkout: Apr 4 [TV Tonight]


    Brilliant show! At first I thought it would be another in your face Chaser but it is in fact a very good showcase for what is wrong with retail in this country.

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