The Best Way To Get All The Meat Out Of A Lobster

Picking a lobster, getting it home, and cooking it is the easy part: getting all of the meat out of it for dinner or for a recipe can be the tricky bit. With a little practice, it doesn’t have to be.

This video guide from America’s Test Kitchen will show you how it’s done. You’ll need a few common kitchen items to make sure you get everything, but the video does a good job of explaining how to do it right.

They start with the tail, and show you the easiest ways to crack it open (turn it on its side, then palm down on it until it cracks evenly). They even go on to the claws, knuckles and legs, which many people just discard as more trouble than they’re worth.

Granted, some of these tips won’t totally work if you’re sitting down in a restaurant and can’t access all the tools. However, if you’re making lobster at home, it makes sense you wouldn’t want any to go to waste.

The Best Way to Eat a Lobster [America’s Test Kitchen]


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