The Alfred 2 Workflow List Showcases User-Submitted Alfred Workflows

Mac: Mac automation app Alfred has a new workflow system that's great for creating hotkeys for all your favourite programs, but they're a little hard to build yourself if you don't know what you're doing. Alfred Workflow is a web site that collects together user-created workflows so you don't have to do the work.

We have walked you through the basics of creating a workflow, but the nice thing about Alfred is how easy it is to share what you make with other people. Chances are, someone has already made a workflow that suits your needs.

Alfred Workflow collects together those creations, with options ranging from workflows that search Sparrow with a keystroke to automating an "Airplane Mode" on your laptop to extend battery life. If you're an Alfred 2 user, the Alfred Workflow list is a great place to start hunting (and sharing) for workflows.

Alfred Workflow [via Finer Things in Tech]


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