Tape Your Friends' Wi-Fi Password To Their Router For Easy Tech Support

While I think it's safe to assume that the average Lifehacker reader has memorised their hpme Wi-Fi password, the same can probably not be said for most of our friends and family members. When you visit someone a little less tech-savvy, make a point of finding their Wi-Fi password and write it on a piece of masking tape.

Just stick the tape to the back or the bottom of their router, and they'll always have it nearby if they need to share if with a house guest or service technician. This will also come in handy if you're trying to remotely diagnose their connection issues over the phone.

If this is your own router we're talking about, it's much cooler to use a QR code for easy password sharing.

A Quick and Easy Wi-Fi Password Reminder Solution [Apartment Therapy]


    I tend to make their wifi password their mobile number, it's 10 digits and they usually know it. But this is also a great idea. I had never thought of that.

      That's not very secure - anyone with their mobile number could gain access.

        Could, if they actually knew it was set to that. I've had mine set as my mobile number for years, never had anyone just hook upto it even if they knew it was my mobile number set as the password.

        They would need to know their mobile, know it's set to that and live or be in close proximity. An assumption would be made that your friends would have your mobile so no harm no foul if they borrow it. Doubtful a neighbour would get in on it if they're your friend.

    Damn, I really need to get around to setting a 'hpme' password. =)

    Been doing this for years, it's the only way to stay sane. I would also add the login and router config password as well as you changed them from the default didn't you? Didn't you? Well go back and do it then.

    yep i do this all the time.
    i also have my own list of peoples computer logins for those times when i need to provide remote tech support.
    plus even if someone found this list the chances of finding the correct computer as well is incredibly slim.

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