Take Softer, More Flattering Smartphone Photos With A Piece Of Wax Paper

Flash diffusers for digital cameras help you avoid the unflattering effects of direct flash. If you'd like to take more pleasing portraits with your smartphone as well, all you need is a piece of wax paper.

Photo by Branden Kowitz

In an article about taking better photos with your smartphone, PC Magazine offers this easy flash-hacking tip and an example of the softer effect you might get with diffusing (wax paper shot on the left, naked iPhone 5 flash on the right):

Depending on what type of case you use to protect your phone, it shouldn't be that hard. Grab some wax paper from the pantry and use it to the cover up the flash. This will be easiest if you have a case that covers the entire back of your phone, with a cutout for the flash and lens. I took a few quick snaps here in the PCMag Labs and the difference is subtle; portraits with the naked flash resulted in a bit of harsh light that was downright unflattering, but adding the wax paper softened it a bit. The difference is subtle, but considering how easy it is to implement, why not do it?

For many of us, our smartphones are our main camera. Any tweaks we can use to take better pictures with these pocket cameraphones will help make our photos more interesting.

How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone [PC Magazine]


    I can't see a difference.

    "(wax paper shot on the left, naked iPhone 5 flash on the right)"
    Sure its not the other way around?
    They look the same anyway. . . very pixelated.

    Want to take better photos with your smartphone? Stop using filters and ruining them.

    Good tip. Clean the bloody lens of face grease before you snap.

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