Surface Pro Due In Australia In May

Surface Pro Due In Australia In May

Back in March, Microsoft said its Surface Pro tablet would be released in Australia “in the coming months”. We now have a slightly firmer commitment: before the end of May.

A post on the Surface blog confirms that Australia will be one of 19 countries to see the Surface Pro next month (New Zealand is also on the list), with a further five to follow in June. Pricing for the Surface RT in Australia was similar to that of the US (allowing for the fact we have to pay GST). If that pattern continues, expect the entry-level 64GB Surface Pro to cost around $999, and the 128GB version to be $1099.

Expanding Surface Pro and Surface RT Availability


  • It’s too late. Any self respecting Australian won’t buy one just on the principle of being treated as a second class global citizen, “yeah we’ll get to you when we feel like it”

    • We all know that isn’t true. If someone wants it then they will buy it and second class doesn’t matter at all. Australians have been treated this way for so long, Apple do it.

      • And they will continue to do so until people refuse to support such actions. Are you going to help society or hinder it by becoming their indentured servant?

        • I help no one but myself with things like this. People are able to make up their own minds without being controlled or told what to do by others (only to do with gadgets and not other areas like politics).

          • Haha, clearly I was trying to control you? Some people are so touchy, jesus. Go stand in a street somewhere with an Australian flag yelling “freedommmmm” to nobody in particular seems like as worthy use of your time as this post.

            I am the boss of you, do what I say. Muahaha. /Kim Jong Il

          • Sorry you took it the wrong way or I read your post the wrong way, (happens a lot with Emails etc). It wasn’t what I was trying to bring across.

    • There i fixed it for you: “Yeah we’ll get to you as soon as we can get the skus available”.

      Sure I would have liked to have had it earlier, but are you kidding? This device is still a far better device than anything else on the market for what I want. My ipad has failed misserably to live up to expectations, but it should be a good fit for my 1yo son to use as a toy.

      I seriously can’t figure why people are so biased against the surface, and who cares that AU was not part of the initial release. I choose not to be one of those abnoxious arrogant types that assumes I have a sense of entitlement to be first in line for everything…

      There is no way i’m not getting one of these beasts…

      • … I love the surface. Nobody said anything bad against it, get off your high horse lol.. It’s their release strategy that’s bullpies. Even in the US the way they simply didn’t have enough units available as a way of making it seem very popular because they’re always sold out, it’s just not good enough.

        I mean.. China are getting it before us? Nah it’s fine Microsoft, it’s not like we’ve been life long supporters of your product vs some of the worlds biggest pirates of such products.. But hey. Whatever.

        • Misplaced my orig reply, see it further below.

          But hey, 10 out of 10 for effort at trying to tell people what their own oppinions of MS should be and why they shouldn’t get a surface (spoiler alert: it aint workin). Oh, btw, “Nobody said anything bad against it”. Have you even read the internets lol.

          btw, I get mine from the US this coming Tuesday 🙂

        • they simply didn’t have enough units available as a way of making it seem very popular“. A strategy like that would be suicide. Nothing looks better to shareholders – the only customers any company cares about – than big sales numbers. Running out of stock makes you look incompetent and will cost you sales at the most important time in the product’s life. If MS ran out it was not deliberate and has probably cost them tens of millions in lost sales. Shareholders would have been baying for blood.

          As for China, as a percentage of the global consumer market they are more than three times as big as we are – 1.6% v 5.3% – so it makes perfect sense that they should get it before us. (Consumer spending, obviously, not population.)

    • Given that Australia accounts for just 1.6% of the global consumer market (the US is almost 29%), why would you expect it to be any different? Australia is an insignificant blip on the global economic radar, get over yourself.

  • It’s about time.
    Can’t help but think it’s a little too late though. They should be showing off the Surface 2 in a few months, so I’d be waiting for that.

  • I purchased the pro a few weeks back and it’s worth the wait or was that weight. Apart from it being heavier than I would prefer it is a perfect PC/tablet for my purposes.

  • Sounds like your horse is higher. Seriously, in what way do you think Oz is a more important market than China? Hate to tell you but even assuming China pirates to a high degree, the legit copies still dwarf au massively. MASSIVELY. Oh, and yeah it turns out we pirate a fair chunk of ms products as well. Oz is simply not as an important market as China, and you Michael, are not microsofts #1 customer. Hate to tell you but that does not in any way make MS the villian of this scenario. Remember how I spoke of that misplaced sense of entitlement…

    I for one don’t care that China are getting it before us. Was it a competition to get it first and someone forgot to tell me, or is this just a new avenue to complain about?

    I see you are repeating the same pessimistic speculation that the haters used to explain the shortage of pro units at launch, which btw has been rebuffed. God forbid that they actually just underestimated demand and couldn’t get enough units ready.

    Are you going to help society or hinder it by being just another troll spreading FUD.

    Maybe you could just let people get excited about what is truly an excellent product. I mean seriously, someone is finally delivering a product I have been dreaming about for decades, it just happens to be Microsoft that is doing it which isn’t what everyone expected, good for them. Others have made inroads but fallen short and this is the first one to tick all the boxes. Plus it will only get better from here.

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