Start A Parenting Co-Op To Save Money On Babysitting

Start A Parenting Co-Op To Save Money On Babysitting

Date nights can become prohibitively expensive once you require a babysitter, but starting a parenting co-op can eliminate the cost and even introduce you to some new friends.

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Carrie Kirby at Wise Bread suggests organising a group of fellow parents into a babysitting exchange. Families can earn points or credits for babysitting others’ kids, then redeem them later to have their own kids looked after. The credits system is egalitarian and fair, and would be easy to organise with Google Docs or a dedicated service like sit4sit. If you recruit enough families to your group, you probably won’t have much trouble finding a sitter for a specific time, and as long as you put in a little work beforehand, you won’t have to pay a cent for it either.

While I imagine this is something that many parents do informally with friends, recruiting more members and establishing a points system can avoid hurt feelings and even expand your social circle.

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  • Thank you Shep for spotlighting this wonderful topic! This is a subject very close to my heart, having invested a significant amount of my time over the past 6 years to create a babysitting club of my own! It soon snowballed into something that could help others that lived in different areas, so my techie husband helped expand the club to cover not just Australia, but potentially the whole world via our website

    This is a free community service that we volunteer to run, allowing families to create their own groups or join an existing group. They then focus on making friends, building relationships and developing the best support network possible. I could rave here for hours about the benefits of becoming a member of a club like this! Needless to say, our club website is full of information on how everything works, along with my support, guidance and assistance to ensure all members get the most out of the club.

    However you decide to dip your toes in the babysitting club pool, my advice is to jump in! Wether you put together your own group or join a local one, you’ll never regret it! I’d be delighted to answer any questions anyone might have after journeying down this road myself. Feel free to contact me via [email protected].

    Kind regards

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